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Ray White Sue Douglas Group - Issue 2

Technology helps

deliver better results More views, more engagement, more leads, better results! As advertised on

Sold by auction 52 Clark Rd, Pahurehure

IN THIS ISSUE OF PROPERTY NEWS: • Choosing the right agent

• New technology has instant impact! • Insuring your investment property


Letter from the Principal

Dear Reader There are so many benefits of using the latest technology when selling properties. Not only can it be used to increase the visibility of your property to potential buyers, it can also assist in achieving better auction results, as explained on page 3. There are lots of things to consider when selling your property. An experienced professional agent can help you make the right decisions. For tips on choosing the right agent, see our page 2 story. When insuring your investment property it is important to ensure you know what your insurance is and is not covering. Our page 4 article has some helpful information to make sure you have the right cover. If you are thinking of selling, buying or renting property, please give us a call or drop in to see us at one of our offices in Manurewa, Takanini, Dury or Karaka. Kind regards Sue Douglas Licensed Agent 021 278 8308

Choosing the right agent

How do you find the best person to sell your valuable asset? When you’re selling your property, you want the experience to be as pleasant and profitable as possible. Choosing the right agent to help you is a big step along the way to achieving these two aims.

An agent can offer expert help in various areas, from giving you tips as to how to present your property for the market to advising you about the price that is most likely to achieve a successful sale.

But how do you know who is the right agent for you?

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Ask around

Be realistic

If you haven’t dealt with a real estate agent before, a good starting point is to talk to anyone you know who has sold a property and ask the name of the agent who helped them. You can also check recent local sales of properties similar to yours, and contact the agents who sold those properties. As well as providing you with information about the local market, talking to these agents will help you to decide on the one with whom you feel you have the right rapport and trust.

As well as being guided by your agent’s knowledge of the market, you should also do some homework yourself to make sure you have some idea of the top and bottom prices you could expect for your property. An agent who suggests a price that seems unrealistically high may not be the best person to sell your home.

Be businesslike You need to feel comfortable with your agent but you also need to remember it is a business relationship, with both parties hoping to benefit from a successful result. Don’t be afraid to check the agent’s experience and to ask how much commission will be charged.

Ask questions The right agent should be able to communicate well and to explain the selling process to you. Ask about costs such as advertising, check the proposed marketing program, enquire about whether open houses would be beneficial and get your agent’s opinion about the presentation of your home. The answers should help you to know whether you will be happy to entrust your valuable asset to this agent.

Newest Technology Achieves Great Results

Things have changed in the real estate business in recent years and if you want to be ahead of the game you need to choose an agent who is keeping up with modern technology. The recent sale of 52 Clark Rd, Pahurehure is a prime example of the effectiveness of modern technology. The owners had just engaged Ray White Sue Douglas Group to sell their property. Then they were given 10 days to sell or they would miss out on their dream home. “We had to scramble and utilise cutting edge technology to get a quick result” said Sue Douglas, Principal of the Sue Douglas Group. Sue explains, “We use GAVL, an online auction portal allowing interested parties to view and bid on an auction when they cannot be present; Active Pipe, an automated email system that can interact directly with people on our database and adjust to their requirements; RITA, an A1 powered automation platform specifically engineered for the real estate industry; and have just engaged with the latest developments with Flight Digital.” The team at Ray White Sue Douglas Group have made every effort to stay on top of technological trends and have adopted all the newest technologies to enhance their sales results. It’s important in today’s market that vendors are aware of how essential it is

As advertised on

68 live viewers on GAVL during the auction! to keep up to date with industry specific technological advances. Employing the latest up to date technology allows the team at the Sue Douglas Group to engage more people, generate more leads and get better results. Training is ongoing in all aspects of the market to make sure that all avenues are explored in the sale of a property. By offering these new digital technologies the Sue Douglas Group are staying well ahead of the real estate game and appealing to the savvy vendor and buyer. In the current world of online shopping, the convenience of having a real estate company that utilises all of the technology available to them to

market and sell a property can pay huge dividends. For Clark Rd, there were 68 viewers watching the auction live on GAVL, in addition to the 20 or so who were present at the auction. One of those who were watching purchased the property within 24 hours of the auction, enabling our sellers to complete their purchase of their dream home.” So if you’re looking to put your property on the market then have a chat to one of the sales consultants from the Sue Douglas Group and let them explain to you the advantages of their up to date approach to selling.

Top tips foryour first-time Insuring property investors Investment Property A wise property investor will always be looking at ways to reduce risk. It is therefore imperative that you correctly insure all your investment properties. You never know what the future might bring, and as hard as you might try to find the perfect tenants, there are no guarantees. Insuring an investment property is different to insuring the property you live in but it need not be complicated. Here is a rundown of the different types of insurance you may need and what each covers. Landlord’s Insurance Many investors have found to their cost that they have been left with damage or loss of income due to the actions of tenants, which the bond did not cover. This can be catastrophic financially if there is no redress available. Landlord’s Insurance will protect you against tenant related losses ensuring you are covered if your tenants cause any damage or default on the rent. i.Damage by tenants Most policies will cover malicious damage caused by tenants but will not automatically cover accidental damage. Some policies will cover accidental

damage or deliberate damage caused by visitors, so shop around. ii.Loss of rent Landlord’s Insurance will cover rent default but other instances may be covered as well such as; loss where a tenant has been evicted due to a court order, tenants obtaining a hardship order, and even unexpected death of a tenant. Your rental income can even be protected in an instance where your property is uninhabitable due to malicious damage caused by the tenant.

Don’t forget contents Even where you don’t offer a furnished property, contents insurance will still be necessary. Contents include items that are not part of the structure of the property but you may own more of these than you think. Carpets and floor coverings, curtains and domestic appliances are all considered contents. Contents cover can be covered in your landlord’s Insurance policy so make sure to check this and chose the correct level of cover.

Building Insurance

Liability Cover

Just like insuring the property you live in, you should have an extensive building insurance policy. Building insurance covers the structure of your property, so you will be covered if there is damage to the property including partial or complete destruction.

Liability cover is essential to protect you should you be liable for any accidents occurring on your property. Having the correct insurance coverage for your investment properties is essential for your financial stability and peace of mind.

Check the policy carefully to make sure you are well protected. It is still a terrible memory for those who owned properties destroyed during the Edgecumbe floods, who discovered they didn’t have flood coverage. So make sure you know exactly what you are covered for.

Whatever polices you take out, ensure you know exactly what you are covered for as not every policy is the same and claim limits often vary. Shop around for the best deal to find the policies that are right for you but don’t necessarily take the cheapest option as it may not offer the best coverage.

Ray White Sue Douglas - Property News - Issue 2  
Ray White Sue Douglas - Property News - Issue 2