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Raine & Horne Port Macquarie Publication - Issue Two

Back-to-back multi million dollar sales! & SOLD BY RAINE AND HORNE

SOLD! 4 Major Innes Road , Port Macquarie. See the full story on page 3 In this Issue of Property News: • Choosing the right agent • Two properties sell for $2.5M each! • Traps to managing a rental property

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Letter from the Director Dear Reader, Following on from last months $2.5M sale, in this issue we feature another property that recently sold for $2.5M. Please see our page 3 story where we discuss the strategies that made these back-to-back $2.5M sales possible. There are many things to consider when selling your property. For example, what method of sale should you use - private treaty or auction? An experienced professional agent can help you make the right decision. Our page 2 article in this issue gives you some tips on how to choose the right agent. Managing your own investment property can result in many problems. Our page 4 article this month looks at some of the potential traps and how to avoid them. Please give us a call if you are considering selling, buying or renting, we are here to help. Kind regards

Choosing the right agent

How do you find the best person to sell your valuable asset? When you’re selling your property, you want the experience to be as pleasant and profitable as possible. Choosing the right agent to help you is a big step along the way to achieving these two aims.

An agent can offer expert help in various areas, from giving you tips as to how to present your property for the market to advising you about the price that is most likely to achieve a successful sale.

But how do you know who is the right agent for you? Garry Knapp - Director 0419 997 739

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Ask around If you haven’t dealt with a real estate agent before, a good starting point is to talk to anyone you know who has sold a property and ask the name of the agent who helped them. You can also check recent local sales of properties similar to yours, and contact the agents who sold those properties. As well as providing you with information about the local market, talking to these agents will help you to decide on the one with whom you feel you have the right rapport and trust. Be businesslike You need to feel comfortable with your agent but you also need to remember it is a business relationship, with both parties hoping to benefit from a successful result. Don’t be afraid to check the agent’s experience and to ask how much commission will be charged.

Be realistic As well as being guided by your agent’s knowledge of the market, you should also do some homework yourself to make sure you have some idea of the top and bottom prices you could expect for your property. An agent who suggests a price that seems unrealistically high may not be the best person to sell your home. Ask questions The right agent should be able to communicate well and to explain the selling process to you. Ask about costs such as advertising, check the proposed marketing program, enquire about whether open houses would be beneficial and get your agent’s opinion about the presentation of your home. The answers should help you to know whether you will be happy to entrust your valuable asset to this agent.

Winning sales team achieves back-to-back $2.5M sales

Some say luck played a major role when Raine & Horne Port Macquarie recently achieved two massive back-to-back sales. The agency does not agree. Selling two properties, one after the other, each for the impressive price of $2.5 million did not come down to luck – rather the hard work and expertise of an extraordinary sales team.

Raine & Horne Port Macquarie is now under new management with a fresh outlook and exciting new talent – and business is booming. These recent multi million sales, firstly 19 Daintree Lane in April and 4 Major Innes Road in May, are symptomatic of the agency’s transformation and its steady rise in the Port Macquarie market. The agency’s team is now a happy one with a great culture based on sound ethics and empathy. They strive to be ‘a safe pair of hands’ for their clients, building relationships of trust, honesty and effective solutions and communication. But how do the agents actually achieve results like that of Daintree Lane and Major Innes Road? In both cases the Vendors had previously listed with other agencies and had poor results. The Raine & Horne agents had to convince the vendors to listen to their advice which was fresh and based on knowledge of what had been done wrong previously. With absolute faith in the potential of the properties, the agents worked tirelessly to show the vendors that their process had proven value and would achieve the results they wanted.

An agent’s belief and enthusiasm plays a crucial role in achieving such outcomes. Belief comes from basic professional skills and previous experience. This was the case for Daintree Lane, sold by Tony Rathbone and agency principal Garry Knapp.

without an exclusive agency, investment was worth the risk. The agency agreed, the investment was made and four days later, a sale was secured for 2.5million! The vendor was amazed and over the moon.

For Major Innes Road, it came down to, not only the belief, but also the sheer enthusiasm of sales agent Gwaine Robinson. The vendor had resorted to trying to sell privately and would not give any agents including Raine & Horne an exclusive listing, yet Gwaine believed that the property and its strategic location for the future in Port Macquarie was a winner. He convinced his management that even

The real estate environment in Port Macquarie is changing and the “new generation” Raine & Horne is playing a key role in that change. For starters regardless of which agency you choose they will share the marketing strategies you ought to consider. So when you’re ready to sell, why not try Raine & Horne Port Macquarie you’ll like them.

Try us you’ll like us!

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Call one of our specialists on (02) 6583 2699 to sell your property.

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Traps to managing a rental property Long-term landlords will tell you that a good Property Manager is worth their weight in gold “Surely it can’t be that complicated?” asked a potential landlord who was considering using a Property Management Service. Having decided to rent out their property themselves, it wasn’t long before they returned to the Property Management Team to help them get their investment back on track. In the land of Utopia, renting out property seems straightforward, with every tenant paying their rent on time. The thought of a troublesome tenant is a myth. Having managed numerous rental properties over the years, our Property Management Team can tell you that the land of Utopia does not exist, and that every cent spent on having a property professionally managed can mean the difference between your investment making a profit or loss. If you don’t believe me, let’s have a look at three traps do-it-yourself landlords have problems with when it comes to managing tenants: Firstly, failing to ask for a bond This is a security deposit held in case the tenant doesn’t meet their obligations in maintaining your property to a reasonable standard, or damages the property. Like the saying, “You can’t judge a

book by its cover,” it can be very easy to misjudge tenants. Often it is found that those who many would consider to be tenants of outstanding character, leave rental properties in a state that resembles the inside of a garbage truck. Unfortunately, you just can’t tell who will stick by the rules, and who won’t. At least when you have a rental bond in place, when the tenant leaves you have the security of four weeks rent to offset any liabilities created by a tenant. Secondly, not having a lease This is a legally enforceable contract which spells out all the terms both the landlord and tenant have agreed to. It is a safe-guard for both the landlord and the tenant. Without this type of contract, if anything goes wrong and the tenant disputes the claim, it is the landlord’s word against the tenant as to what was agreed upon when entering the tenancy. The absence of a Tenancy Agreement leaves a landlord open to potentially going down the road of litigation and an expensive solicitors bill, in trying to rectify the problems caused by the misunderstanding between landlord and tenant. Thirdly, interpretation of Tenancy Laws

Each State is governed by its own Property Management Laws and can change without notice from time to time. With a proper professional Property Manager on the case, they are always up to date with changes in legislation and how they apply to both tenants and landlords alike. However if you decide to manage your own property, by the time you can find out changes to legislation it can mean facing fines or penalties simply because you did not act quick enough to make changes. These three traps are just a few things that need consideration before selfmanaging a rental property. If you speak to long-term landlords who own a number of properties, they will tell you that a good Property Manager is worth their weight in gold, freeing them up to enjoy the benefits of their investment without the day-to-day hassles. To discuss your options when it comes to managing your rental property please give our Property Management Team a call as they are available to help you make the most of your investment.

REAL PEOPLE - REAL EXPERTISE - REAL KNOWLEDGE If you are not happy with your current managing agent call us today. Raine & Horne Port Macquarie is committed to protecting your investment and obtaining the best possible return. For an obligation free appraisal of your rental property please contact Sandie on 02 6583 2699. Sandie Carden Property Manager

Raine & Horne Port Macquarie Issue 2  
Raine & Horne Port Macquarie Issue 2