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Sold in 10 days

This property was on the market with another agent for 4 months before the owner switched to Oz Combined’s Robert Zuzic. Robert sold the property in only 10 days!

12 Whitshed Place, Vincentia, sold by Robert Zuzic

In this issue of Property News: • Adding value with a bathroom renovation • Superior service gets the job done! • Confused about setting the rent?



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LETTER FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Readers, In this issue we have a feature story which confirms the importance of choosing the right agent to sell your property. This property was on the market with another agent for 4 months before the owner switched to Oz Combined’s Robert Zuzic. Robert sold the property in only 10 days! To find out more about this sale, please see our page 3 story. Renovating a bathroom can be daunting. How much should we spend? What improvements will give us the best return? Our page 2 article has some tips to help you make these decisions.

Adding value with a bathroom renovation

Sometimes it can be tricky to know what rent to set for your investment property. Our page 4 story has some points to think about. Please remember, if you are considering selling your property, contact us to discuss the options available to get the best price possible. Kind regards, Greg Walsh Principal

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Whether you’re intending to sell or rent out a property, renovating a bathroom can add value to the final price. Buyers and renters alike look for a modern bathroom. An ageing bathroom could be a deal breaker. When tackling a renovation first look at what needs to be done for a bathroom that is both functional and beautiful, and what you can afford. Sometimes a refresh is all that is needed but if the bathroom is stuck in the 80’s a major overhaul could be called for. If your budget is on the low end, you’ll want to stick to cosmetic changes, such as new fixtures or a new sink and new paint. If you have more to spend, focus on larger changes, such as adding or updating tiles or installing a bigger shower. Set a realistic budget but don’t overspend as you might not recoup the extra costs when you sell. Options can range from hiring professionals to design and fully renovate the bathroom for you; to co-ordinating different trades such as tilers and plumbers yourself, saving on average 20% of costs. Remember that building and plumbing work can be the most expensive cost in bathroom renovations, so keep walls and sinks where they, are if you can, to avoid blowing your budget. While it can be tempting to go all out for a new bathroom, try to remodel in keeping

with the overall design of the property. Spend your money wisely – marble tiles may seem like a must at first but they are expensive and not necessarily a requirement of buyers. Focus on the visuals: nice tile, nice colours, nice fixtures. Choose quality materials that appeal to the masses. With resale in mind, think timeless and go for a clean look that will last. Your personal taste may be quite different from the purchaser’s, so choose a neutral colour scheme. Add some 'wow'. A little bit of luxury is attractive to buyers. For example, install a heated towel rail or consider specialty showerheads as a cost-effective upgrade compared with the old-style showerhead. Selecting a bathroom style, layout, finishes and fixtures, plus a colour scheme can seem daunting and with the popularity of property improvement shows, magazines and online examples, it can be difficult to know where to turn. The best way to get a really good feel for the different styles out there is to head into a bathroom showroom. Also, talk to your real estate agent or property manager to find out what purchasers and tenants look for in a bathroom.

Superior service gets the job done! SOLD!

SOLD! 12 Whitshed Place, Vincentia When Oz Combined Realty started marketing the property at 12 Whitshed Place in Vincentia, it had already spent four months on the market with another agency. The owner's lack of confidence in the local market and dealings with the previous agent made them jaded and wary of the selling process. So, when sales consultant Robert Zuzic sold the three bedroom property with stunning views of the bay after only two open inspections and 10 days with Oz Combined, the owner was ecstatic with the sales and service provided. “Robert Zuzic's service was so much more superior,” said the overjoyed sellers. Naturally, a quick sale makes any owner very happy but the level of customer service and dedication to see top results

is often overlooked when choosing an agency to sell your property. The owners were thrilled with the communication and follow-up details from Robert after every inspection and enquiry. “We should have gone to Oz Combined first up,” said the owner. It's safe to say that Robert Zuzic saved the day. Robert's commitment to outstanding service for every client is what sells properties in the Jervis Bay area. Robert takes pride in his work and is in the real estate business to help people. He's a respected member of the Oz Combined team, and his community. The recent sale of 12 Whitshed Place in Vincentia is not an isolated event. Robert has a glowing and growing portfolio of record-breaking residential sales throughout the Vincentia

and Huskisson areas. It's no wonder clients return to Oz Combined Realty when buying and selling property. Their extensive database of happy customers is the proof that they are the real deal. Not only that, but a sizeable database of qualified buyers is what is needed to make the sale, no matter what the current market looks like. “It's not what you see on the surface, it's the behind the scenes attention to detail that gets the job done,” said Robert. If you're looking for an agency who will do the hard yards to get the best results for you, call the team at Oz Combined Realty today.

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Confused about setting rent?

Being a landlord is tough, especially if you’re new to the game, and setting a fair rent on your investment property sits high on the list of challenges. The tricky part about rental prices is that there are two conflicting forces at play: having a price that is affordable and reflects value for tenants, but still high enough to earn a profit. Get the price right and the property should be rented in a timely manner; get it wrong and it can sit vacant for weeks if, not months, pricing yourself out of the market. So how do you decide on a suitable rental amount? Study the market. What are the median rental prices in the area? Check newspapers, google resources like, and local real estate agents. Use rental reports. These are valuable tools showing rental pricing trends, how much a rental property was listed for, how long it sat on the market and the final renting price. Rent reports are available through your property manager or online. Know your property. The type of property, layout, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, outdoor spaces if any, parking,

Oz Combined Realty Huskisson - 4/74 Owen Street

appliances, views, proximity to amenities and transport, and the condition of the property will all factor into the price you can set. Look at the competition. Compare your property with those of a similar size and features in the neighbourhood to gauge the going rate. Liveability. Next, consider how your property is different from others. Does it offer a better view, have more space, recently been renovated or is a new construction? If your place is better or worse than the competition, you’ll need to adjust your price accordingly. Don’t let emotion cloud judgement - if your property doesn’t have the location or amenities to back up the higher price tag, prospective tenants will move on to another property. Your costs. Consider your monthly costs like maintenance and repairs, mortgage payments and insurance. Factor in infrequent expenses like property management and unplanned expenses like emergency repairs.

Vacancy tolerance. Vacancies can be profitability killers. You may need to price the property to move. Adjust the rent. Setting a price for a rental is not a one-time event. The housing market shifts almost constantly and you should anticipate fluctuations in your pricing in line with market demand. Rule of thumb: when rental seekers outnumber properties available you can charge a higher rent; when there is an oversupply of properties, you may have to lower the rent to attract tenants. Everyone has a different goal when owning property. But the right rent should, at a minimum, be enough to cover all of your expenses for the property; and maybe to pocket a percentage of rent each month as a profit. When all the calculations are done, a competitive price will attract people to see your property. If you would like some guidance on setting rents, please give our Property Manager a call today on 4441 6033.

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Oz Combined Realty - Property News - Issue 128  

In this issue we have a feature story which confirms the importance of choosing the right agent to sell your property. This property was on...

Oz Combined Realty - Property News - Issue 128  

In this issue we have a feature story which confirms the importance of choosing the right agent to sell your property. This property was on...