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Edge Realty Whakatane - Issue 6

HOW TO SELL NOW WHILE SAVING MONEY “[Richard], we would recommend you and your company to anyone wanting to sell a home in the Whakatane area,” said the Charltons.



• Getting ready for an open house • Our bonus marketing packages are red hot • Renovating your investment - Part 2

Message from the Director Dear Readers, We are currently offering a marketing package that will help you save on the costs of selling your property. So if you are thinking of selling your property please see our page 3 story or call us today on 07 3080232. Getting your property ready for an Open House can be a stressful time. Our page 2 article has some tips to help reduce that stress and have your property ready to make a great first impression. In this issue we continue the renovation theme, with a page 4 article about planning for some more major renovations on your investment property. If you are considering selling, buying or renting, we are here to help, please give us a call. Kind Regards,

Richard Baker Director

261 The Strand, Whakatane, 3120 07 3080232 Disclaimer Notice: Neither Edge Realty Whakatane Limited, its principals, nor Newsletter House Pty Ltd, nor the publishers and editors of articles in this issue, accept any form of liability, be it contractual, tortious or otherwise, for the contents of this newsletter or for any consequences arising from its use or any reliance placed upon it. All the information contained in this publication has been provided to us by various parties. We do not accept any responsibility to any person for its accuracy and do no more than pass it on. All interested parties should make and rely upon their own enquiries in order to determine whether or not this information is in fact accurate. ©Newsletter House Pty Ltd 2018 Ph: 02 4954 2100

Getting ready for an Open House There’s nothing like the prospect of guests to inspire a whirl of house cleaning. And when you’re opening your property to an unknown number of people, one of whom you hope will buy it, there’s even more reason to get out the vacuum, duster and household cleaners and get ready for action. As well as cleaning your home, you will want to ensure it is inviting to purchasers. So, while you need to make it as appealing to them as possible, you should also remove some of the personal touches, such as family photographs, sporting trophies, holiday souvenirs, children’s drawings, appointment reminders and paraphernalia on the fridge. In addition to removing most of your personal items, it’s also a good idea to declutter your home. You’ve probably arranged your furniture for your family’s comfort and convenience, but now it’s time for a change. Clear counter tops and remove some furniture to make your rooms look more spacious. Try to take at least one piece of furniture out of every room, and rearrange what’s left to provide

the best effect. It’s even worth considering putting some furniture into storage to improve the appearance and to make it easier for people to envisage themselves living there. As well as being fresh and clean for the inspection, your property should also smell that way. Try to keep fresh flowers throughout the house. Room fresheners can also be used, but keep them in inconspicuous areas, so that people don’t wonder what you’re trying to hide. If you have pets it is advisable to keep them outside or even get friends to take them for the day. Potential buyers will not necessarily love them or their fragrance as much as you do, and might even be allergic to them. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth the effort to make your home clean, sparkling and ready for inspections.

Our bonus marketing packages are red hot and will save you heaps

Edge Realty has gone mad in the summer heat! If you’re thinking of selling this season, take advantage of their Madness Marketing Package while it’s hot. “We’ve gone mad with the summer heat wave, and we want to pass on a mad commission rate and great marketing package,” said Richard Baker, Director at Edge Realty in Whakatane. As Edge Realty offer a super low 2.5 per cent commission fee, there’s no better time to put your home on the market. And that’s not all. They’ll throw in a fantastic marketing package that’s worth more than $800. That means your property will receive a custom marketing strategy to sell your home for free (conditions apply). So, you’ll only pay the agency’s $500 administration fee, plus 2.5 per cent (plus GST) commission on the sale of your property (offer not valid for commercial sales, leasing or renting). This incredible offer will not alter the superior service provided by the team at Edge Realty either. You’ll still receive high-quality customer service, expertise local knowledge, and dedication to the selling of your home. When Murray and Alison Charlton of Blenheim wanted to sell their Edgecumbe investment property, they engaged Richard and the team at Edge. During the settlement process, a flood damaged the home but that didn’t stop Richard and his team from doing everything in their power to provide the utmost care and excellent customer service. The Charltons were so impressed and thankful for the outstanding service they received, they wrote a heartfelt letter

to Richard. “We had a lengthy period before the house was repaired and ready for sale again,” they explained. “During this time, you and your staff went to great lengths to keep us informed on all progress, and helped when there was problems. As we live in Blenheim, it was invaluable for us to have such an amazing crew to have our interests at heart.” The letter goes on to express their gratitude for the team’s commitment and dedication. “[Richard], we would recommend you and your company to anyone wanting to sell a home in the Whakatane area,” said the Charltons. Edge Realty offer competitive sales packages and outstanding customer service each and every day. Grab a hot deal this summer with their Madness Marketing Package.

Edge Realty’s all-inclusive management services include:

• Property inspections • Reporting • Tenant screening and processing • Quotes • Maintenance • Appraisals • Zero tolerance for unpaid rent • Court representation (if needed) • Conversations about your property over coffee • No tenant, no fee policy • 3-month trial period. If you’re not happy, we’ll refund any fees charged.

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Major renovation ideas for your Investment Property - Part Two A well maintained investment property is the best way to maximise your return. Knowing how to renovate your property is an essential part of being an investor. Here are some tips for when you need to do major renovation work. Before you start The key to a good renovation is understanding the target market. Talk to estate agents in the area to find out what tenants want and you can renovate accordingly. Have the property valued and research what it might be valued after a renovation. This will give you an idea of what you can spend to avoid over-capitalising, which is when the cost of the renovations outweighs the value they will add to the property. Where to renovate Whilst you should look at your individual property overall, kitchens and bathroom renovations generally give a higher return on investments and make the biggest impact. Kitchen and bathroom A well thought out kitchen and bathroom renovation will increase the value of the property and your rental potential. It will also help attract quality tenants. It may be you can get away with a simple facelift if your kitchen or bathroom is currently well-equipped. A resurface, change of fittings, new appliances, repairs, replacement handles and a good re-paint may be all that is required to brighten up

and modernise the space. But if the rooms are out of date and lack functionality then you may need a complete remodel. It may be the bathroom is in better condition than the kitchen or vice versa in which case you may need to remodel just one. If you do a complete renovation hire professionals to do the job as they will be quicker and the finish will be superior. This is not the time to try DIY. When selecting fittings think low to mid-range. Don’t go so budget that you will have to replace things sooner, but forget luxury items. You can give tenants a clean, modern space without blowing out the budget. Other Areas Attracting and keeping quality tenants is often as important as rental income. The greater the turnover of tenants, the more potential for damage and financial loss. So think about what tenants want and what they will pay more for. Air conditioning is not the luxury it once was and many tenants see it as a must. Consider security and install screens, security doors and locks. Modern day living means being wired up. Think about remote garages, Foxtel and phone wiring. Mistakes to avoid Don’t under-renovate. Just renovating one room can highlight how terrible the rest of the property is. If you have limited funds ensure the property appears more appealing overall. Keep an eye on the budget. There is

a fine line between making your property more desirable and over-capitalising. Make sure you don’t cross it. If you have more than one investment property think about bulk purchasing. Many investors choose the exact same colour scheme and fittings for every property. It means savings in time and money. Renovating an investment property can seem daunting, but done correctly it will make a huge difference to your rental income and the value of your investment.

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Edge Realty Whakatane - Property News - Issue 6  

We are currently offering a marketing package that will help you save on the costs of selling your property. So if you are thinking of selli...

Edge Realty Whakatane - Property News - Issue 6  

We are currently offering a marketing package that will help you save on the costs of selling your property. So if you are thinking of selli...