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Barfoot & Thompson Royal Oak - Issue Nine

ROPERTY NEWS Ideas to help you when you’re Buying or Selling



1/49 Namata Road, One Tree Hill full details on page 3 IN THIS ISSUE OF PROPERTY NEWS • Reducing stress when moving • Successful auction at One Tree Hill • Property Managers - A landlords best friend

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Property Managers: a landlord’s best friend

As more people enter the property investment market, how best to manage the new property becomes a major issue. Not everyone has the skills, the time, or even want to manage the property themselves. That’s where a responsible, trustworthy property manager comes in – to help you avoid the day-to-day worries of rental properties. A good property manager can easily become one of your greatest assets. But it’s important to choose the right one. A property manager organises and manages the letting of properties, screens tenants, liaises with tenants and owners, organises inspections, collects rent and follows up unpaid rent, responds to tenant complaints, and even pursues evictions. As well as being reactive, a good property manager is proactive when it comes to staying on top of ongoing maintenance issues and controlling costs. Then there’s building insurance to worry about, plus owners corporation rules, smoke alarms, servicing of gas appliances, pool fencing legislation, risk management, council and water rates, the list can seem endless. Importantly, an experienced manager has a good understanding of the local market and how potential changes could affect your investment, including ways to

improve the property that won’t kill your budget, but will make it easier to rent out. Chances are that you will be working with this person for a long time so it’s a good idea to find someone that you like and respect. • Look locally. In real estate, local knowledge is crucial, from knowing how to attract tenants, to setting the rent at the right level, and having contacts with trusted tradies, a local property manager gives you a big advantage. • Get referrals and use word of mouth. • How does the property manager typically communicate with owners? For example, one phone call a month or quarterly reports; the manager needs to be relied on to handle all issues, not email notifications about every little thing. Nowadays, management companies provide a web-based portal to access property details. You might be using the portal more often that you speak to your manager so it could be a key component to the overall management solution. As with any investment, property

management doesn’t come cheap. Management fees are charged on a percentage basis of the total rent monies collected, plus a letting fee that is based on the weekly rent and only charged when a new tenant is found. Considering the workload of a good property manager, it’s a small price to pay. Hiring a property manager makes sense if you have lots of rental units, don't live near the rental property, are not interested in hands-on management, your time is limited, you're suddenly inundated with management tasks, and can afford the cost.

We have the proven Property Management approach that gets results

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Our trained, professional Property Managers will look after your property as though it were their own. Phone 09 625 6079 Barfoot & Thompson Royal Oak

LETTER FROM THE MANAGER Dear Reader, Sometimes a change of approach is needed when selling a property. Our feature article about the sale of 1/49 Namata Road, One Tree Hill, is a great example of what can happen when you change agents and employ a different strategy. For more details please see page 3. Once you have sold your property, the next task is to move out. In this issue we have included some helpful tips to make the experience a little less stressful. If you are a landlord, employing a Property Manager is another way that you can reduce stress in your life. They can deal with all the rental property issues while you hopefully reap the rewards of your investment. Our page 4 story looks at the advantages of engaging a Property Manager. Please give us a call if you are considering selling, buying or renting, we are here to help. Kind regards, John Endean Branch Manager 027 477 6535

Reduce Stress When Moving

Moving house is an exciting experience whether your new home is next door or somewhere across the country and while it is a major upheaval in your life it doesn’t have to be stressful. You can however, reduce the stress by taking time to plan and prepare the move. The smoother the transition, the less trauma you should experience.

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You’ll need to decide whether to use professional removalists or to hire a truck or van and do it yourself. Professional removalists can do all the packing for you, which would save you a lot of physical effort and time. However, if you can’t afford a removalist or prefer to save the money that it would cost, try to be as organised as possible about the way you pack and transport your belongings from one home to another. A few tips include: You’ll need to begin your packing some time before you move, so start by packing things that you don’t use regularly. There’s nothing worse than having to rummage through boxes full of items looking for something essential. As moving day approaches, begin packing items that you use more regularly.

Keep one box until last. It should contain the things you will need until the time you move, such as equipment and products for a final clean of the house. Label each box clearly, indicating its contents and the room where it belongs. Just in case there is a last minute hitch, pack a small bag with a change of clothes, toiletries and anything else you might need for overnight in case the delivery of your goods is delayed or your moving date changes at the last minute. If you’re doing your own moving, work out the distance you’ll have to travel between the two properties and how many trips you will need to make. This helps you to carry out the moving operation as comfortably as possible. Depending on the distance involved, you may decide it is better to do the move over two days rather than trying to settle into your new home at midnight. Footnote: In the midst of all the packing and transporting, don’t forget to arrange the connection of utilities such as gas, electricity and phone at your new home. It’s no fun unpacking in the dark!

One Tree Hill property gets excellent result at auction The old adage, if at first you don’t succeed, then try again, became a reality for the owners of 1/49 Namata Road, One Tree Hill recently, when they decided to sell their home. Set in this attractive and very desirable area, the property had been on the market with another agent for some time, with no result. The owners decided to give the sale another chance and approached Kelly Fan from Barfoot & Thompson. The result was a sale at auction for an impressive $850,000. This beautifully renovated 1920s weatherboard home exudes light and charm. The original wooden floors, bay windows and designer kitchen create a flow in the open plan area. With insulation, ventilation, air conditioning and a fire place the weather is kept firmly at bay, whatever the conditions. The decision to take a property to auction can be daunting for home owners looking to sell, but the team at Barfoot & Thompson doesn’t believe anyone should be afraid of the process. The main thing is to get on board with an agency who knows how to market effectively and is experienced in the auction process. Being part of a multi branch network gives Barfoot & Thompson, Royal Oak an edge when it comes to attracting buyers. Their access to a large database of buyers, combined with a solid website presence and an extensive printed media marketing campaign saw a pleasing result at this One Tree Hill auction.

1/49 Namata Road, One Tree Hill As Kelly explains, ‘a multi branch network pulls more buyers to the property and creates stronger buying competition.’ She urges prospective vendors not to be afraid of the auction process as auctions are the best way to create buyer competition for your property. Barfoot & Thompson are experienced at running auctions and have extensive expertise in creating effective marketing campaigns. In the case of the One Tree Hill property, it had been taken to the market by another agency, without success.

Barfoot & Thompson took over and with their network of branches, an extensive media campaign and a diligent follow up of all inquiries, were able to get a very pleasing result at auction. Although it was passed in the home was sold within three hours of the auction. So, if you’re thinking of selling don’t dismiss the possibility of going to auction. Talk to the #1 team at Barfoot & Thompson and let their experience and multi branch network work for you.

If you want to sell a property today then take this next step now We take phone calls from potential buyers who have asked us to keep them informed when a suitable house comes on the market. Maybe your house is exactly what they want? To find out if we have a buyer for your property, please phone Barfoot & Thompson Royal Oak on 09 625 6099. Barfoot & Thompson Royal Oak

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Barfoot & Thompson Royal Oak - Property News - Issue 9  

Sometimes a change of approach is needed when selling a property. Our feature article about the sale of 1/49 Namata Road, One Tree Hill, is...

Barfoot & Thompson Royal Oak - Property News - Issue 9  

Sometimes a change of approach is needed when selling a property. Our feature article about the sale of 1/49 Namata Road, One Tree Hill, is...