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What better way to foster entrepreneurship and stimulate market-drive innovations across the Sunway Group including Sunway University and Sunway Ventures than with a unique workspace area such as iLabs in Bandar Sunway, Selangor. Playing a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of Entrepreneurs through experiential learning and entrepreneurship programmes, iLabs has the potential to create a virtual job creation cycle, universityindustry collaborations, revenues for local businesses and the Government besides showing the tangible benefits of the academic impact on the Malaysian economy utilising its unique, not-for-profit concept.


Chur Associates

Rustic professionalism may be the best way to define the Chur Associates lawyer’s firm located on Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur that represents a breakaway from traditional legal eagle companies. To be rustic is to be associated with a rugged and resilient spirit - evoking a sense of simplicity and ingenuity. This workspace which has a connection to the past best describes the leadership role as being king of one’s own workspace castle. The ever-shifting hues of the desert sands and canyon walls juxtaposed against the smooth and unpolished surfaces engage the three levels. Meanwhile, the quiet retreat spaces complement the open boardroom on the rooftop level. Tall trees spanning across all levels of the air well allow natural lighting in during the day – a clever energy savings approach which is essential and pertinent.



The key to crafting a great office space often is as simple as adhering to the context of the project itself. Landmarc International Properties, primarily an asset management company, designed a space that reflects the vision of the company. The office features a spacious welcome lounge that comes equipped with a champagne bar. The pivot glass doors lead to the eight-person boardroom which centres around a custom-made solid Greek marble table positioned to project natural sunlight throughout the space to promote natural lighting for greater productivity and wellness in general. The open plan office allows for social interaction which makes individuals feel less isolated while also allowing for spontaneous interjections and helps to promote creativity.

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Property insight December 2017  
Property insight December 2017