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Dennis Lee Kien Wei is Founder of Square Design Sdn Bhd, a renovation company that specialises in the Minimalist concept. It provides renovation services that are cost-effective and high in quality so to help clients save cost and to create value for their investment. The company aims to provide clients a simple, comfortable and organised home.


ennis is a very determined and highlymotivated person. Honesty and integrity are his most admirable qualities. He will

not give up easily on any opportunity that comes by and will work consistently to produce effective results. His success was not built within a short period as he has gone through hard times with a lot of patience and effort that made him what he is today. He is also very good at finding ways and ideas to solve whatever problems that arise. Dennis is a leader with an influential characteristic which makes him attractive to anyone. He always places his interest before others as he understands that helping others to succeed is the best achievement. Hence, he is a helpful guy who always shares helpful thoughts among his staff and friends. The key factor of his success is that he builds a strong bond with people. His business partner would often introduce him to other investors due to his openness and honesty. This is how he got involved

I really liked working with him as he required different kinds of skills such as IT, marketing and interior design and I loved being challenged. As he progresses, he used the skills he learnt when he gets involved in different kinds of corporate meetings and was able to produce great suggestions which help the company to gain phenomenal sales. Overall, I would say Dennis’s three most positive traits are hardworking, knowledgeable, and always up for the challenge. Dennis, I know you will bring the best out of yourself. I will always be supportive and stand by your side. I’m truly grateful that you have given so much in this business and with so much patience. I feel extremely proud to have a friend and partner like you. I’m confident you can achieve your goals and dreams in your entrepreneurial journey.

Terry Lee Jun Hui

Chief Executive Officer and Founder Rector Group Sdn Bhd

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