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Darren Lim Jin Howe is the founder of SCS Group, a company that focuses on birthing young financial entrepreneurs who are energetic and determined to pursue excellence in all their achievements. Darren is also a member of MDRT and is currently leading a team of 50 financial entrepreneurs to nurture the financial services industry.


y first encounter with Darren was back

a leader in business. He wasted no time. From

in 2012. Like many other boys I’ve met,

midnight until 4am, he came up with a plan. He

he was young, green and ambitious.

acted on the plan and within the second half of

Nevertheless, my first impression of him gradually

2017, the plan worked for himself and the Group.

improved and I was impressed by his personality

This was evident when they won the Best Group

and positive vision towards his own career and life.

award for remarkable business growth, increased

Despite being so young, Darren has this distinct

productivity and many inter-industry collaboration

persona that seemed mature than others. This has

to drive his team forward.

given him an edge to be successful in all that he does. The ingredients on how to be a successful

There are many factors that made him truly

entrepreneur has been with him since young and

successful but the most noticeable is his way of

all he needed was a mentor to guide and discover

execution. He could execute any business plan

his strengths and to lead all future endeavours.

or strategy within minutes. That shows strong belief and will. One other aspect of Darren that

One of his most desirable traits is his determination.

I’ve observed is his ability to balance family, health,

In the first half of 2017, he arrived at a crossroad

education, spirituality and friends. On a personal

in life i.e. what should he change in order to be

level, he lives his life as an example for the team

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