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Covy Fon is Founder of Stardust Healthcare, a networking and trading company. The company’s products are formulated in France, using only natural ingredients. The company also provides professional training, sales technique training and consultancy to dealers when they join the company. Stardust lives by the motto: Natural, Safe and Healthy.


y first impression of Covy was that she was young, beautiful, and charming. I still remember when I saw her at

another corporate awards ceremony four years ago. Among the crowds, she had an approachable personality. I got to know from Facebook that she was managing a micro-business in the health and beauty industry. I also had a feeling that she was good at making money! What impressed me and made me admire Covy most is her strong conviction. She would surprise people often when she carries out her actions immediately in a short period of time. Once, we were discussing whether running a micro-business required an office and within a few months, Covy had renovated a new office. Now she owns her first office, the Connect Group. Her motto is to never lose sight of the goal once you set it. However, all success comes with hard work. Setting up a business, especially a micro-business requires certain skills, particularly online trading. Not only is Covy competent in online activities but she is also diligent and systematic with her team’s offline training. In line with Hyundai’s O2O (online to offline) advocated in this era, she possesses a forward-looking leadership style. The main factor of Covy’s success in her attitude towards life and business. She also learns and improves continuously, from Michael Chiang’s personality course to Dato’ Calvin Khiu’s sessions, her attitude determines mindedness.I think she is

She is thoughtful, assertive, and creative. She established the company as a second home for her agents simply because she couldn’t bear to cause their parents to worry if these agents were working from home. The office also encourages positive energy among each other and is a platform for them to leverage their expertise and skills to help the community. I remembered one time we were attending a 4U course together and we were required to write notes of encouragement to respective business partners. I completed mine but when I turned to pass it to her, I also received a sticky note from her.The contents of the note were almost identical and that’s when I knew that we both were in sync with each other. Hence, I told myself that I want to grow with her and I was so grateful she was my benefactor. Until today, Covy has been focusing on selling only one brand, Cellglo. Cellglo is a branding product from France specialising in vision protection. There are not many products in the market like Cellglo. Therefore, I believe Cellglo products can truly help many people. Besides, Covy has been leading many agents to interact with other entrepreneurs to learn from and synergise with them. I believe what she does can lead to the continual growth of her team and bring success to many people!

First Lye Yik Ming Agency Manager Great Ideals Group

the frontrunner in the Malaysian micro-business community and she’s on the path to extraordinary new opportunities. 94 /


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