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hua Bee Ling is a hard worker who is

We’ve known each other less than a year now

passionate about her career. She has

but I came to admire the effort and sacrifice

decades of experience in the home and

that Bee Ling puts into her business. I admire her

bedding accessories industry. She has always been

spirit and passion she puts into her family, and the

actively building her social network through various

courage and bravery when overcoming challenges.

platforms while travelling abroad to gain new

She shows through her actions, not just through

knowledge and experiences. She also enjoys trying

words; a true leader. Learning is a lifelong process

new things as well as taking up new challenges.

and it is a journey of self-discovery as well. Bee Ling and I have been to China many times where

Bee Ling is and has always been a leader in her

we would learn and share business concepts and

profession, leading Homey (aka Homie) to greater

models together. Her enthusiasm towards her

heights. For self-improvement, she constantly

career inspires me a lot. I’m so glad to have her as

attends industry seminars and enrolls herself

a travelling and learning buddy.

for enterprise management courses. She always

Chua Bee Ling is Director of Homey Gallery Textile Sdn Bhd (HGT). It was established in 2009 and is recognised as one of the top manufacturers and wholesalers for home and bedding accessories in the country. Located in Taiping, Perak, HGT provides a variety of products including bed linen, towels, baby bedding, aprons, pillows, car seats, bolsters, floor mats, quilts, and carpets.

insisted that everything has to be done efficiently

To Bee Ling, I’d like to share a few things: Whatever

and wholeheartedly. She believes that one has to

we do, we must remember that success is

start from the bottom and put in all the effort in

never-ending and failure is never final. If you are

order to succeed.

unhappy with your performance today, you can always try again tomorrow. We must work hard

With over 10 years of experience in the industry,

and have a good attitude. There is always a way

Bee Ling is generous enough to share her work

if you are willing to find a way. Most importantly,

experience with her team i.e. helping them to

we must never give up. I sincerely hope that she

live up to their potential both professionally and

can continue to innovate and improve herself to

personally, and providing them a sense of belonging

become a better individual and be an inspiration

and job satisfaction. She treats her staff like her

to the people around her, as well as to achieve

business partners; shows them respect and care,

work-life balance.

understands their roles and responsibilities, and values their work to keep them motivated.

Maggie Fong Founder Wekah Bhd

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