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Chong Tik Wei is the Founder of AI Success Consultancy, a financial service provider. The company’s mission is to be a compassionate financial management team and its vision is to create a fulfilling life through the power of love and compassion.


y first encounter with Tik Wei was in

he exhibits a strong tenacity and perseverance to

June 2016 at a cosy cafĂŠ in SS2, Petaling

complete all his undertakings.

jaya during a selection interview. I can

still clearly recall how he impressed me right from

In 2017, Tik Wei and I decided to embark on a

the beginning as a pleasant, well-mannered young

small journey of transformation for his company

man from the insurance profession beaming with

i.e. to replace its 20-year old corporate vision

his radiant smile and joyfulness. I signed him up on

and mission from a traditional self-centric version

the spot without any hesitation as I was confident

to a more inspiring and appealing customer-

with his ability to contribute to the energy level

oriented perspective. It was designed to create a

and ultimate greatness of the group.

favourable positioning as well as a first impression for the company, and to stand out from the crowd.

As I got to know him better, I became strongly

The openness, enthusiasm and determination

attracted to his personality as well as expertise.

demonstrated by Tik Wei throughout the journey

He is admirably sincere, warm and humble with

was so distinctive of his character.

an earnest desire to continuously improve himself,

As the father of modern marketing, Philip Kotler, has

even though he is the Group Vice Chairman of

said: An organisation which does not contribute to

Supremacy Integrity Berhad, a conglomerate of

the welfare of the society is not a good organisation.

more than 30 groups of agency managers, and not

Therefore, I would like to highlight to him the

just an agency manager.

importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the ultimate developmental objective of

On the other hand, he demonstrates an unexpected

all progressive organisations. It should be directed

expertise as a first-class organiser, a good energiser

towards their customers, employees, community as

as well as a great master of ceremony.

well as the external environment. CSR can certainly be a new source of competitive advantage to

I would think the success factor of Tik Wei is his

attract and retain the right employees as well as

unique Level five leadership quality as professed by


Jim Collins in his book From Good to Great. It is a powerful mixture of personal humility and great determination to succeed.

Jeffrey Khor

Chief Executive Officer and Coach Vistage Malaysia Sdn Bhd

On one extreme, he is impressively humble with a strong willingness to ask, listen and learn while

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