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he first thing that came into my mind when

through eventually, and credit goes to the highly

I first saw her was her petite physique.

spirited team performance, and outstanding

Well, I’m 191cm tall and she’s 150cm, you

leadership that synergised perfectly under the

get the picture. Nonetheless, her genuine smile

wings of Ai Li.

really captivates me. Ai Li’s strength is her ability to start conversations because she’s authentic and

One of the most unforgettable moments was our

sincere. Not to mention, she also has a laugh that’s

trip to India a few years back. We witnessed that a

so contagious, everyone will laugh together with

large part of India was still in great poverty. During


that time in New Delhi, Ai Li asked me, “Phil, what’s the best way to reduce poverty?” At the tender

Chew Ai Li is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of WeLink Advisory with over 20 years of experience specialising in financial planning services including life and general insurance, wills and trust and other financial products. WeLink Advisory consists of a team of young and dynamic financial planners and has won the AAA Award, 100+ Agency and Million Dollar Agency Award.

As one of the few female leaders in the industry,

age of 23, I answered her bluntly, “Change the

her charismatic leadership has always been shining

government.” She replied, “No Phil, it’s through

brightly. Systematic, yet flexible, she complements

education.” That moment, I realised something

her leadership style with a sprinkle of her soft

about her. Every year since then, Ai Li would

touch. Whatever problems you have, she would

adopt children from all over the world through

always be looking from your point of view. That’s

sponsorship programmes to ensure they are

why you get most of your problems solved

sufficiently funded for basic necessities. And she is

through her wisdom. I would call her “the engineer

still doing it now. She showed compassion towards

of relationships.” She is good at fixing relationships.

the society. She said, “Whatever we earned from


society, we must give back for the betterment of the society; this is how life works.”

Her journey started with her bold move when she decided to come all the way from Butterworth,

Thank you Ai Li, for being my friend and mentor

to the city of diversity, Kuala Lumpur, to venture

in life. Life is about making meaningful connections

into her insurance business, and she started

and having fulfilling experiences. I hope you could

everything from scratch. Without determination

fulfil your life purpose i.e. to inspire more people

and persistence, she wouldn’t grow into what she

to become a better version of themselves; and

is today.

to touch more people’s lives. For that, I give my blessings to you.

I envy her. She has the simplest mind of all, which is truly a blessing. She strongly believes in the saying “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” One of the seemingly impossible

Phil Tan

Agency Manager WeLink Advisory

goals was to achieve the 100+ Agency Award, a prestigious award that builds 100 manpower in a year. Nevertheless, we managed to pull everything

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