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Cherry Quah is one of the most influential people on social media across Asia with 1.3 million followers from Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Indonesia. She has a great sense of style and has been sought after by many to seek advice on matters related to fashion, travelling, equipment, accessories, products or items used or worn by her. She runs a few businesses. She has an online fashion store, Cherry Q, and she’s also a property investor. Her online store provides fashionable clothings and accessories to her client’s satisfaction. I’ve known her for 15 years and in our friendship, I

when you have positive results, things will happen

found that she is much more than what I thought.

smoothly and you will have a happy life.

She is a very smart, capable, caring person who always seeks to develop new and creative ideas in

I strongly believe these charming traits have made

business. She enjoys sharing innovative ideas with

her successful in her professional and personal life.

partners, friends, family and clients.

I truly believe in Cherry! I have faith that she will guide us all to fly high together!

She also has this brilliant mind and she has been


Dear Cherry, I am better today because I have you

down. I would say she’s a very beautiful strategist

as my best buddy! Continue to share your positivity

that could help and influence people in their

to influence more people to fight for their dreams

business ideas and, of course, in the fashion industry.

and to shine!

Cherry is very ambitious and confident. She

Jesslyn Sye

dedicates all her time and effort into developing he first impression I had of Cherry Quah was that she is a cheerful, beautiful, friendly and extraordinary person. She has a

personality of treating people whom she meets with a kind heart. She’s also a detailed person and when she’s committed to a task, she wouldn’t feel tired even after long hours and she would work on it until she finishes it. I was really impressed by her because of her strong spirit of independence and her nevergive-up personality.

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guiding me during my own journey when I was

herself and her business. Not only is she dedicated

Marketing Manager Dellmax Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd

to develop her fashion empire, she is committed as well in building a great team. She excels hard towards building a team that can improve continuously and create a better life for themselves. At times, she looks rather cool, but in fact, she is a very sensible person. She enjoys sharing with others; be it positive statements, positive quotes, or positive energy through her popular and famous Instagram and Facebook accounts. She has this belief that positive energy leads to positive actions, which will then lead to positive results! And


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