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Chee Tony is Founder of Fairplays, a project marketing agency working with property developers in Malaysia. Fairplays systematically plans the marketing processes to ensure efficiency in terms of time and cost. The company specialises in advertising, telemarketing/client engagement, professional project services, and strong sales administration support with leading ERP system and technology to ensure every process is seamless.

Tony is an unassuming person but do not let his

I have attended some of his team meetings

looks fool you. He is a walking microprocessor

before and I am totally amazed at his sincerity

with built-in artificial intelligence and he whips out

and inclusiveness that he channels across. He has

probabilities for all kinds of situations. His larger-

maturity beyond his age and always look at the

than-life personality is filled with humility, brilliance

bigger picture for the greater good.

and warmth that will make anyone into a friend. There are not many people of his generation who


Tony has the ability to adapt to any market situation

have the ability or the capability to focus on the

and changes. We may have planned for two years

macro instead of the micro. Subsequently, Tony is

in the future but he has planned 10 years ahead.

able to plan and manage many things smoothly, while ensuring that his goals are met. We always

y first encounter with Tony was during

To say that Tony is intelligent is an understatement:

our first day at a real estate course by

Tony is very focused and he keeps himself updated

UCSI University back in 2015. At that

with the current trends in the market. He has great

To Tony, I think the future needs more people with

time, he just joined the real estate industry and

market foresight and invests on the technologies

talents like you to lead and keep us inspired.

seemed really “green.� We introduced ourselves

that will be the leading edge in his industry.

and my first impression of him was really baffling as he gave me his email address as vitorbarbosa84@

He is a true leader and creates opportunities for I have to be honest; I did not expect

others. He sincerely cares for the people who work

that coming from Tony. The friendship grew from

together with him, and he tries his best to maintain

there and he never fails to surprise me once in

great relationships with the people around him.

look up to him for a fair and conclusive solution.

Daniel Ho

General Manager Reca Home Sdn Bhd

a while.

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