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SY Image Beauty is a leading beauty salon in Malacca that unites cutting-edge technology and the essence of traditional skincare knowledge. Dubbed as the skin whisperer, its founder, Celine Khaw focuses on personalised treatments that reveal the key to your own beauty, your way.


even do all these. This shows how she values her

to see customers happy with the products and

time and productivity.

services that she offers.

Based on my observation, before Celine ventures

Furthermore, Celine is self-motivated and is always

into something or takes up a task, she will first

keen to learn something new. As I am quite skilled

find out related information about the matter and

in using the video-making software, she started to

eople often meet and become friends at

execute the task attentively. Celine once shared

learn from me about the software to make video

places they least expect. I guess you could

with me that she had already developed an interest

clips for her company. I was really happy to teach

say the same for Celine and myself. I first

in the beauty industry when she was still a student.

her and to see how much she has grown since

met Celine at her beauty salon about ten years

At that time, she started to learn more about the

we met. Celine is never shy about learning. I really

ago for a slimming session. I only got to know her

industry and stayed committed to her interest and

admire how much she loves to learn and she is

better in recent years as we had more interaction.

it proved to be the right decision.

ever so humble to ask for help when she knows she needs it. Moreover, she is never afraid to jump

Celine has a disciplined daily schedule where she

She always keeps herself up-to-date on customers’

into different things other than in her own industry.

wakes up early in the morning and carries out her

current skincare needs and will introduce products

That’s something I truly respect about Celine.

household chores. Following that, she will attend

to them according to each customer’s skin

yoga or exercise classes to maintain her health. She

condition. I am glad to be one of those customers.

I am very thankful for Celine’s help in improving my

also looks after her diet by taking light food. In my

She is really compassionate and kind as she takes

skin condition for the past ten years. It must not

opinion, these are some of her admirable qualities.

good care of her customers. Celine is one person

have been easy for her as I have sensitive skin. But

Judging from her daily routine, Celine is really

who truly cares for her clients very much. She

thank you so much, Celine!

focused and great at managing her time. She fills

believes that with her knowledge in the beauty

her time with really beneficial activities for herself

industry, she should share and provide the best

and not many people I know are aware or would

services to her clients. Most importantly, she loves

80 /

Too Chin Chen Homemaker


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