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enson and I go back a long way as I had the

Benson is someone who is always open to new

privilege of knowing him for more than ten

ideas. He possesses excellent PR skills and strives

years.The first impression I got from Benson

to inspire others while learning as much as he can.

was that he is someone who is smart, easy-going

Benson could go on for hours sharing invaluable

and a friendly person who is willing to go the

life experiences and lessons that he learnt the

extra mile to help anyone in need. His humility

hard way, making him a great role model for future

and attentiveness to details have allowed him to

budding young entrepreneurs. I believe these are

achieve targets and goals that he has set out with

the strong traits that have contributed to his great

Crystalace. My initial perception of him, which was

success with Crystalace.

proven to be accurate, was that he always treats people with sincerity and gratitude.

I fondly recall the time both Benson and I travelled with our respective partners to Europe in 2013

The most admirable quality about Benson, is

and 2017. Benson is always dependable whenever

that he does not allow his shortcomings to be

there are difficulties and hiccups during the trip.

his limitations. Being determined in everything

He will always be the first to step forward to solve

he does, he outlines his targets and goals in a

problems with detailed analysis of the situation

clear and concise manner. Ten years under his

and ensure that the holidays shared together

guidance and leadership, Crystalace has evolved

will always be an enjoyable occasion with great

into a market leader of high quality curtains using

memories made.

imported designer fabrics and other related products


I would like to take this golden opportunity to

curtains, wallpaper and upholstery for home and




congratulate Benson on being deservingly named

commercial use.

one of the recipients of this prestigious MIYE 2018 award as a sign of well-earned recognition of his

Benson Ng is the Managing Director and driving force behind Crystalace Deco Sdn Bhd. The company has been involved in the soft furnishing industry for both home and commercial projects for close to two decades. Benson is passionate in combining his incomparable know-how and practical thinking to provide his customers with an unprecedented yet personal level of solution and customer experience.

From my point of view, Benson is a very

hard work and unwavering passion towards the

courageous and fearless person. Hailing from

industry as a whole. I wish him all the best in his

Muar, with minimal contact, zero network, lack of

future undertakings and may his business continue

local knowledge and no brand presence in Kuala

to grow by leaps and bounds. Personally, I believe

Lumpur, Benson took the leap of faith by setting

the best is yet to come. The sky is the limit for

up Crystalace and set the evolution of traditional

Benson. Keep up the good work.

Chinese family business to undertaking both home and commercial engagements, regardless of size and project cost. His never-say-die attitude and relentless pursuit of success have allowed him to

Alex Chiang Director Rodgers Reidy & Co

convert leads into opportunities.

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