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Founder of Elite Legacy and Chief Executive Officer of Ashley Tan Group, Ashley Tan started her real estate journey when she was really young. At just 26, she managed to achieve the title of CHAMPION among all Heads of Team in IQI. Leading one of the biggest teams, Elite Legacy, it focuses on the value of work-life balance. She believes life is short and we should enjoy each day to the fullest.

Being a team leader now, one of Ashley’s success factors is she knows how to inspire her team members. It is more meaningful to lead a team to reach a target as compared to achieving individual success. It is not easy for Ashley as some team members have more experience and are older than her. She had to rely on her excellent leadership skills in managing her team.


On the other hand, Ashley is very resourceful where she is always thinking of ways to execute tasks. She first met Ashley at my office about three years

never gives excuses. Ashley’s determination and

ago. She was 23 at that time, very young but with

confidence motivates her team members. Ashley

bigger dreams compared to other youngsters of

also has an aura which attracts team members to

her age. In the job interview, the first impression I

approach her for her knowledge and skills. She will

had of her was a young lady with plans, ambition

also allocate time for her team members on this

and confidence to achieve her goals in life.


As I got to know her better, I noticed that Ashley is

I am proud to have her as a colleague in my career

a go-getter. Once she sets a goal, she will explore

and appreciate her contribution to goals we have

all her resources to find ways to achieve it. She

achieved together. Her team members are also

also has a unique ability of turning her anxiety

thankful for the effort she has put in for the team.

when carrying out a task into a driving force, which helps her to complete the task. Ashley told me she wanted to own a Mercedes car by the age of 25 and eventually realised that dream through her

Aaron Siow

Group Vice President IQI Global Sdn Bhd

own effort.

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