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ISHAK the hall can feel his sincerity and energy! Whenever he conducts his mega events, he sometimes invites his friends on stage. I have been lucky enough to be one of them, sharing my almost three decades of knowledge in property law. He shares his stage with friends whom he trusts and introduces them to the audience.Those moments on stage with him were absolutely meaningful for us. Ahyat is someone who constantly wants the best for his friends. He constantly pushes us to be the best that we can be. He galvanised me to become a

Ahyat Ishak is the Founder of Pejuang Hartanah, a community of property investors dedicated to encourage smart and responsible real estate ownership among the Malay community for both investment and owner occupation. Pejuang Hartanah has built its foundation based on its three key principles; awareness, knowledge and personal finance.


habitual goal setter, and to work with clearly written goals. He has given me a lot of encouragement. In fact, I’ve written a book because he challenged me to do so. He finds joy in helping friends and always looking for an opportunity to open doors to his network and also the media. He is never afraid to share his network and opportunities with friends.

hyat is really fun to be with. Always full of

can be. He has his share of successes and failures,

energy. He is also always very polite. He

but he never gives up and always fights to find a

genuinely respects everyone, no matter

better way to do things. He loves meeting people

who they are. He believes that everyone is special

and always looks to widen his circle and network.

in their own way. Aside from being well-dressed,

He loves to collaborate and find an opportunity to

he is intelligent, sociable and talkative. There are so

create a win-win for everyone.

many other qualities that make Ahyat a great friend. He is kind, humble, sympathetic, happy and ever

We have made outstation and overseas trips

ready to help friends. He is always optimistic—

together where we would organise mastermind

always having a positive attitude and always looking

sessions on how to improve ourselves and our

for an opportunity in any situation.

businesses. He would always focus on how we can add value to the society. Business is never just

Ahyat is constantly pursuing to grow himself. He

about us. It is always about a bigger cause. If we

always looks for opportunities to increase his

are not out there to help make the world a better

intellect. I can see that he is always determined

place, than the business is not worth it.

to improve, always wanting to move forward and develop himself. One of his philosophies, which I still

Ahyat has such a big heart. His aura is contagious.

remember until today is in order to earn more, you

He is the only person I know that organises mega

must learn more. And if you want extraordinary

events across Malaysia teaching people knowledge

results you must be willing to act extraordinary.

on property, personal finance and entrepreneurship.

And that is evident of how results-oriented he

Even if there are thousands of people, everyone in

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I am so grateful to Allah for bringing us together. To Ahyat: You have a gift of making people feel special. You are sincere and always puts the success of others before your own. You always bring out the best in people. You are truly a gift to everyone you meet. You are too humble and you may not know this, you make a bigger impact to people than you would ever realise. May Allah give you the strength and courage to continue your mission of giving back to society. May Allah bless you always with good health and wealth. And yes, you are more fun than anyone I know, including a bubble wrap!

Dato’ Hj Nazri Bin Mustafa Senior Lawyer/Managing Partner Messrs Nazri Azmi Islinda, Advocates & Solicitors


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