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he is a hardworking lady. That is the very

atmosphere was just wonderful. No one would

first impression I had from Vivien. Back then,

have thought that Vivien was actually dealing with

Vivien was working in a phone shop and

some unsavoury characters at that moment. It was

she seemed ordinary until I had gotten to know

between her and a management staff, someone

more about her. I went to her shop for phone

who was quite influential in the company. Vivien

repair service and I was thoroughly satisfied with

dealt with the person as the best she could until

the service provided. She was approachable,

the end. After this incident, she never gives up

responsible and reliable. You could even see her

on trusting people. Many years had passed, I am

working on public holidays sometimes.

still impressed with the way she handled all the troubles.

That sums up who Vivien is, independent and

Dr Vivien Chen is Chief Executive Officer of ANMYNA Global Resources, a skincare, cosmetics and hair care brand from Taiwan that is currently positioned as a high-end cosmetics brand. ANMYNA was brought to Malaysia in 2015 and is now the first online-based business company registered in Malaysia.

strong! Besides that, she is amazing in many ways.

To Vivien, I’m glad I walked into your shop that day

She trusts herself and the people around her.

which was about 13 years ago. I’m so happy to be

Adapting to change is never easy but she did it

one of your friends. I’m truly proud of you. Your

awesomely. She leads her team really well and is

personality, generosity, trust in people and passion

being generous with her time and energy. She is

inspires me. I hope you are getting enough sleep

also a very warm-hearted person and you can see

and don’t overwork yourself. I’m very happy that

this from the way she takes care of her family, staff

you met your Virgo hubby. Someone who you can

and business partners. It must be very lucky for

lean on to when you are down and also the one

those who are with her.

who can make your life happier! I wish the very best to both of you and once again, I’m so glad to

She is a typical Leo woman. Her warm-hearted and royal personality is what leads her to her success today. She cares about everyone around her. She is also someone who is grateful for the things in life and she will always remember the good side

have known you both. Cheers to our friendship!

Leong See Mun Assistant C.P.A.D. Management and Consultancy

of people. There was one memorable moment I had of Vivien and it was during her company outing. We were all having fun, taking photos and chatting. The

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