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Dr Jason Doo is Founder and Executive Chairman of Metroworld Realty that specialises in project launches, primary and secondary markets for sale, rental and lease of residential, commercial and agricultural properties. Presently, Jason is a registered Estate Agent with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents. To date, he has had countless successfully sold-out projects undertaken by him.


ason and I first met when we were in high

Moreover, Jason is also very kind to his friends and

school. I was about 14 years old and we both

he is known as the “hub” among us. Jason loves

attended Catholic High School in Petaling Jaya.

to have all our school friends together, especially

Even though it has been awhile since then, I could

during Chinese New Year, and he makes the effort to call everyone to meet up.

still remember Jason as someone who was jovial and very helpful.

He is the type who will go the extra mile for his friends too. Even during our gatherings, some

Growing up was not easy for Jason. He came from

of us have our own businesses while others are

an underprivileged family; his mother was a tailor

still employed; Jason tries his very best to ensure

and the family did not have much. I think that is one

everyone is comfortable and is treated equally.

of the catalysts that drives Jason to work hard and

That’s one of the more memorable moments I

succeed in life.

remember of Jason.

The Jason that you see now has gone through

Jason and I may meet up once in a while, but I’d

many of life’s hurdles. Back in the day, before he

like to take this opportunity to tell Jason: I wish you

started Metroworld, he was only driving a Proton

all the success in the world. But don’t ever forget

Iswara. But Jason has this really amazing quality that

to take care of your health, because you are the

really separates him from the rest: his personal

pillar of your family. They say business is important

relationship skills. Jason knows his way with people

but health is wealth, so take extra care of yourself.

and how to carry himself. Not only that, he is a risk-taker because he is able to see very far into the future. Jason is definitely a

T. Kannan

Classmate Catholic High School Alumni

visionary and that impresses me very much.

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