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would like to begin by first congratulating Armani Media Group Bhd for another year of excellence in producing yet another 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs (The 100 MIYE) affluent award ceremony as well as the impressive coffee table book to accompany it. The 100 MIYE is a celebration of this country’s top influencers across industries. These young men and women that have built their legacies from the bottom up are an important part of our country’s well-being and development. With their corporate and social contributions, they are directly raising the standards of best practice in the nation’s corporate environment. This award provides recognition for these young entrepreneurs who are creating an impact through their respective fields. Captains of industry at such a young age, they brace themselves against the waves of competition that are emerging daily only to stand at the shores of relevancy with their heads held high. To have so many talented and respected young entrepreneurs under one roof is also advantageous to everyone lucky enough to receive an invitation to The 100 MIYE awards. An invitation to this event means being able to share insight, network and swap ideas with some of the best minds in various industries. I do believe that The 100 MIYE is the best platform to nurture more entrepreneurial influencers for the country. It is important for us to encourage young Malaysians to go out into the world and chase their dreams while challenging the status quo. Malaysians should be headstrong with whatever they endeavour; adopt new technologies, break the mould and question your true purpose in life to become the next influential young entrepreneur. The prestigious 100 MIYE awards has set a high standard for not just young entrepreneurs, but the country at large. Now, more and more industry tycoons, public-listed board members and corporate leaders must look towards these young entrepreneurs in order to stay relevant in an ever changing, ever evolving environment. Inspiration is out there for anyone to claim. With this, I would like to wish each and every recipient of The 100 MIYE awards the very best of luck in their future undertakings and to never cease to amaze or inspire. Your success is our nation’s pride and please continue to make our country proud. Thank you. YB TUAN MOHD REDZUAN BIN MD. YUSOF Minister of Entrepreneurship Development

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24/09/2018 4:13 PM

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100 MIYE 2018 Booklet  

100 MIYE 2018 Booklet