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ntrepreneur Insight is a monthly entrepreneurial magazine published by Armani Media Sdn Bhd. Under its banner, Entrepreneur Insight also hosts the Entrepreneur

Insight Summit, Entrepreneur Insight Workshop and Entrepreneur Insight Insider which all serve as gateways for Entrepreneurs to grow and excel together while taking success to the next level.

Malaysia’s Largest Entrepreneur Convention

The exclusive Entrepreneur Insight Club also takes precedence under Entrepreneur Insight’s initiatives, gathering like-minded business owners and Entrepreneurs to propel their skills and knowledge in business. A unique aspect of this club lies with its community focused business mentorship. Entrepreneur Insight is also very active with its presence felt on print and on its online platform. Fresh, updated and comprehensive coverage including video content is updated daily, making this the go-to place for catching up with the latest news and


business trends unfolding in the industry.



Konvensyen Usahawan Bumiputra (KUB) is also the brainchild of Entrepreneur Insight which serves as a unique platform created to address what was perceived as a missing niche in the market with regards to Bumiputra Entrepreneurs.This platform was created


to assist new Bumiputra Entrepreneurs to develop and sharpen their business acumen and grow their businesses. Held for the first time ever in 2017, it has successfully garnered a record 2,630 participants which is by far, the largest Bumiputra Entrepreneur convention ever held.

13-14 JAN 2017

Adding another feather to its cap, Entrepreneur Insight is upping the ante by further organising the Asia Halal Brand Awards (AHBA) 2017. This is the first halal award of its kind which is endorsed by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) and Halal Industry Development Corporation (HIDC). In addition to this, Entrepreneur Insight has also successfully launched the first-ever privately organised Kuala Lumpur International Halal Expo (KLIHE) 2018 which was held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.


EI+ is the latest app which will be launched under Entrepreneur Insight which is a disruptive application technology that is anticipated to revolutionise the entire Entrepreneurs’ community ranging from networking, equity funding to barter trade.

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100 MIYE 2018 Booklet  

100 MIYE 2018 Booklet