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Through strength and determination, Thomas Ng has transformed LDK Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd from a sunset industry. He introduced the idea of respecting human nature and modern management into his company. He also spent almost RM1 million to purchase an automated machine to enhance the flexible customisation capabilities of stainless steel, thus earning recognition in the market.


first met Thomas two years ago at my clinic

very closely to his plans and he manages the plans

I really admire how he is grateful towards the

where he was my patient. My first impression

efficiently. These are his qualities which I admire.

people who helped him along the way, and also

of him was that of a kind and friendly person

how he showed gratitude to those people. To hear

full of positive energy. As I got to know Thomas

One main factor for Thomas’s accomplishments in

him share all these things, I was honestly touched

better, I could see that he has many wonderful

business today is that he shows gratitude to people

by him.

traits that are a testament to his success. He is very

who have given him assistance and support. He

responsible and is a good family man who loves

will repay them by helping them more because

With his character and the developmental pace of


he understands the idea of giving first before

his business, it is only a matter of time for Thomas

expecting any returns.

to achieve excellence in all his undertakings. I hope

Thomas has a strong character who is not affected

he will stick to his beliefs and stay determined.

easily by negative elements around him. He is also

I had an unforgettable experience with Thomas a

determined in achieving the goals that he has set.

few months ago when we were rushing to catch a flight and ended up as the last two passengers to

Thomas is one of the most driven and focused

board the flight. During the flight, Thomas shared

people I have ever met. It is because of his ability

his experience in starting a business and sustaining

to stay focused that helps him to achieve the

it, and how many times he had to overcome

results that he anticipated. Not only that, he is

difficulties. He also shared how he managed to

very optimistic when it comes to work despite

keep his business going despite the struggles, as

many people around him who tell him otherwise.

well as how he repaid those who have helped him

He is not easily swayed by comments as he sticks

in business.

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Dato’ Dr Bryan Yap Founder and Managing Director Union Medic Group of Clinics

24/09/2018 12:21 PM

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