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Terrence Tiew is Director of Goldhill Home and Kitchen Cabinet Sdn Bhd, a home transformation centre. Goldhill’s services focus primarily in the East Coast and is the only MK Curtain franchisee in Kelantan. Aside from branches in Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Lumpur, Goldhil is expanding to Terengganu in the near future.


first met Terrence at an exhibition about three

Terrence is not thrifty with his knowledge and

years ago and I noticed immediately that he is

shares information freely with anyone that wants

a friendly, sincere and hardworking person. It

to know more about the industry. This is what

is very difficult to meet someone like Terence in

makes Terence approachable and easy to talk to

the industry these days and it’s very refreshing

and he always shares his passion for his job.

to me when first meeting with him. He was very approachable and easy to talk to and the

In my opinion, he is an organised person who

conversation we had was very informative.

handles his business arrangements well and takes into consideration the possible results before

As I have gotten to know Terrence better, I found

making any decisions. Furthermore, he also thinks

that he is filial to his parents, takes good care of

from the perspective of others to ensure their

his team and collaborates well with people on

benefits are taken care of. Hence, there have been

work-related matters. These admirable qualities

quite a lot of people giving Terrence strong support

have helped him achieve good results in business.

and assistance in his entrepreneurial journey.

Terrence is also very honest with his conversations and you get to know him a lot when talking to him

I would like to congratulate him for being

especially his love for his parents and his colleagues.

recognised as one of the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs. And, I truly hope he will scale

Terrence’s success as an entrepreneur was built on his sincerity in business dealings. He is also generous and knows which areas to prioritise when running his business operations and managing his team.

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to greater heights in his career and life in the future.

Dato’ Calvin Khiu Founder OE Business School


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