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Terence Tan is the Founder of Real Empire, one of the most preferred marketing organisations among property developers in Malaysia. He collaborates with many public-listed developers and has successfully sold more than RM100 million worth of properties monthly. Terence has not only won The Top Personal Sales Champion but also led Real Empire to win The Top Group Sales Champion Award.


here are many things that a person

Terence is an earnest person and will always treat

It was a rather special moment for us when

experiences in life. You remember some,

things seriously regardless of academic or career. He

Terence and I had the chance to become business

you forget some. But meeting Terence was

will carry out all necessary research and prepare

partners. Both of us and our mutual friends have

definitely something I’d remember. It was way back

himself well before performing any task. He gives

started a private tuition centre, and everything has

in the year 2004 and that was also when Terence

his best every time and is never selfish to share his

slowly gotten on track. It is special that we can still

and I first met. We attended the same university and

knowledge. We have a lot of discussions and sharing

contribute our little effort in the academic line,

were were taking the same major.

not only during our university years, but we have

which is important in cultivating and nourishing the

also been exchanging our career experience to

young and talented new generation.

Coincidentally, the both of us were also staying

support each other now. Terence has always been

in the very same hostel at the time. I distinctly

generous with this time and effort and you can see

I would like to express my sincerest congratulations

remembered the first impression I had of him was

that in all the things he does, whether big or small.

to Terence’s success and recognition for this

someone rather friendly and he would have no

award. I know this is not the final destination in his

problem chatting up with people. I guess you could

Terence has a strong passion in the real estate

entrepreneurial journey, but rather a good start for

call him a sociable person.

industry and gives 100% effort in building up his

him. So,Terence, focus and continue your efforts and

achievements. He was in the beauty industry

hopefully I have a chance to send my speech when

Not long after, we became very close friends. I would

previously. However, he was not as successful as he

you win your next award soon!

always appreciate the effort and time he spent just

is today. After joining the real estate industry, it turns

to explore Kuala Lumpur with me. You see, I was

out that Terence has a knack for being really good at

not from the city. I had come from Penang and he

his job. It suited his interests better and coupled that

was a local. There’s never a dull moment when we

with his constant positive attitude, it seems that he is

go round the city together. Terence is always full of

on the right career path.

Dr Tan Seng Khim Managing Director US Frozen Food Sdn Bhd

passion and he gives his all, even if it’s just being a tour guide to me.

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