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Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shacare Global Affiliate, Sharon Voo is a young, self-made millionaire with the biggest Affiliate Marketing network in Sabah. In 2015, her business bloomed when she was awarded the Global Affiliate Agency—the highest award qualification in Malaysia and Indonesia. Today, Sharon contributes actively as a professional trainer, a motivator on entrepreneurship and an IKON of CreaM@ YWE (Creating Millionaires Among Women Entrepreneurs) of 2018.

interval speed and rhythm of the breathing. She

Sharon is very committed in her business by

started progressing in the pool and it was great to

always sharing and creating awareness in the local

finally see her enjoying swimming as a recreation.

community whenever the opportunity arises.

As a state swimmer myself, I know how hard it

Today, she is one of the leaders in the Bumiputera/

can be for beginners. I witnessed how much she

Malay community despite facing language barriers

practised and from there, I understood how

before. She has been invited to become one of

the mind can be so powerful. That is how she

the speakers in Jakarta, Indonesia. Recently, she was

has coped in her business until today despite

appointed as “IKON” (Icon) for CreaM@YWE (i.e

uncountable challenges.

Creating Millionaires Among Young Entrepreneurs) sponsored by Majlis Penasihat Wanita Sabah

With Sharon, there’s no such thing as giving up.


Being an amateur, especially in Sabah, starting a


business has been very difficult. In addition, her

Before I end, I would like to express my gratitude

family was not supportive because she was already

to Sharon because without her, I will not be here.

facing financial issues. However, she decided to

She introduced me into this wonderful business of

continue the affiliate marketing business at the

affiliate marketing and started to teach me every

haron Voo is a very friendly and easy-going

age of 21 and chose to be the pioneer in Sabah.

single thing. She changed my life from living in debts

person. Although she is young, but she is a

The concept of affiliate marketing had not caught

to an entrepreneur who runs my own business.

very mature person who likes to help others

on and she received negative comments from the

Although she is much younger than me, she is a

because she believes she was born to this world

public. For the first three years, Sharon worked

really great mentor. She will always be a role model

with a mission i.e. helping people in need. Sharon is

alone but she managed to meet about 200 clients

to me because she has proven that an ordinary

also a visionary. She is a person who walks the talk

in a month. Despite that, not one of them were

person like her can achieve success. Today, she

and she dreams big while she also motivates and

interested to join her business.

is still helping a lot of people to succeed and to

inspires people by sharing her vision and dreams.

improve their lives. She had tried all sorts of marketing methods such

A few years ago, we went to Pulau Pangkor for

as knocking on doors, distributing flyers, setting up

training and that’s when I found out that Sharon

a booth at shopping malls, making cold calls, and

didn’t know how to swim and she feared the

participating in various business events. In 2013,

deep water. Eventually, she overcame the fear by

after years of struggling, she successfully formed

resetting her mindset. With no professional help,

a team with a few partners who believed in the

she learnt by observing other swimmers, the

business and shared the same vision.

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