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Raymond Chou is Regional Managing Director of Infront Consulting Group Asia Pacific. The company is in the business of improving lives through cloud solutions. Its focus is on helping organisations embrace digital transformation through an easy methodology, adopt cloud technologies to automate and improve business processes and have it all managed by a specialist team located all across the globe.


aymond seems to be a happy-go-lucky guy.

what he has done for me before. He is always

However, when I first got to know him, I

looking to take care of others rather than his own

realised that he was at the toughest time


in his business. I’m amazed that despite all the challenges that he was going through, he continued

During one of my toughest times in business and in

to put a smile on his face and spread positivity

life, he was there for me. And a brother is one who

to everyone around him. He showed me that it

knows how to tell what needs to be told during

doesn’t really matter what happens to you. What

the worst time, even though it hurt.

matters is how you react to it. In life, God either brings someone to your life I’ve heard of the quote that no one plans to fail. But

to teach you a lesson or for you to teach them

many fail to plan. Raymond is one who is both big

something. Raymond is definitely one person

picture and small detail. He is one who is able to have

who is brought to earth as a gift to inspire many

a vision of the future and still work to the smallest

entrepreneurs to live life to the fullest. He has

details to ensure that all plans are well-thought-out.

taught me so much; particularly one quote—either we make it big or nothing at all. And he lives it.

Furthermore, he has this ability to transmit positive influence among people around him. Raymond is

Thanks Raymond for being a part of my life. And

not a boss. He is a coach and a leader and one who

I know you’ll be a candle that will continue to

is best at bringing out the best in others.

brighten up many entrepreneurs, their families, and the lives of people around them. Be the light!

I am honoured to be here writing this for him because he is more than a friend or a business partner. He is a brother who stands by all his brothers during their toughest times. And that’s

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