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still remember the first time I met Ajmal, he

chemical solutions to the customer with his car,

was a young entrepreneur. He was hungry for

and that is not something anyone should do.

knowledge and success, and that’s what drives

him forward in the industry. True enough, his

However, after eight years, he managed to work his

amazing achievements over the years have been

way up and eventually founded IOS Ventures Sdn

inspiring and I’m very proud to have been able to

Bhd together with his colleague from the previous

witness his growth from humble beginnings.

company to become one of the most successful expansion joint contractors in the power plant

Ajmal’s journey to success was not an easy feat. His

industry. A few years later, they managed to expand

success was due to him overcoming life challenges,

their business into manufacturing.

since things were certainly not laid out on a silver

Muhamad Ajmal is the Director of IOS Ventures Sdn Bhd that provides high quality gas turbines and boiler parts from Denmark. The professional team at IOS Ventures is highly experienced and is the preferred contractor for TNB, PETRONAS and Malakoff. Their expertise enhanced hundreds of projects in the power generation industry.

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platter for him. During his university days, he had

Ajmal did not achieve his success overnight,

to pay for his own living expenses and tuition fees

neither did he give up simply because he was not

by working odd jobs from selling hawker food on

academically qualified. He strongly believes that

the streets, selling cinema tickets, teaching kids in

you will only stop growing when you stop learning.

tuition centres to becoming a tourist guide at the

He continued to learn from experiences and from

National Zoo.

the people around him. As he ventures forward, I wish him all the best and may he be successful in

Despite dropping out of his engineering degree, he began his career in a small engineering company. He learnt a lot of things from becoming a salesman, technician, forklift driver, project supervisor; he even had to learn how to submit a report to the

everything that he does.

Tuan Hanapi Muda Group Chief Executive Officer HMZ Engineering Sdn Bhd

customer. One time, I even saw him delivering


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