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Marshall Gan is Chief Executive Officer of Titanfour Business Solutions Sdn Bhd. It represents the strength and ability to connect businesses, offering improved business processes, mobility and customer-centric information technologies experience. Titanfour was awarded Top SME Company in 2013 with over 80 professionals across Asia helping over hundreds of local and global customers including top GLCs and SMEs.

It has been 16 years and we have gone through

with simplified and automated business processes

some ups and downs. From infancy in running a

built, this is where today’s business owners have to

business to who we are today, the key success

seriously consider.

factor will be our own team and support from our customers. Furthermore, we practised a close

As we tap into the new technology, we have also

working relationship with some software giants

developed our very own products. Among the

which directly benefited us and customers in new

most successful is the Property Foundation Suite

applications, technology and functionalities.

which solely and strictly focuses on propertyrelated industries. We make use of technology


Our outsourcing and support maintenance team

to assist our customers to achieve data accuracy,

had done a fantastic job to bring in constant fuel

mining data, visibilities, mobility and speedy

to run Titanfour. However, nothing can beat the

decisions to excel in their business.

innovative thinking of our entire workforce. The IT industry changes rapidly nowadays and our

As we look back on our paths, we are glad to be

arshall Gan used to be one of our

team is constantly coming out with innovative

together.The decision to start Titanfour and Group

colleagues in the previous company,

ways to improve and keep up-to-date with how

of Companies was the right choice. It was a tough

where he was the technical and systems

technology can help our customers to overcome

decision back then with limited funding but today,

their business challenges.

we are proud to have a branch office outside

person. Back in the early 2000s, he travelled to

Malaysia with locally hired staff. Being a truly

most of the customers’ sites for server upgrades and was dedicated towards the work assigned to

Today, the Gen-Y workforce floods the working

Malaysian company; our people, our product and

him. He received positive feedback from customers

market and they rely a lot on the Internet and

our process are our most valuable assets to help

too. That was more than 20 years ago.

mobility. Knowing this trend, doing business as how

our customers move towards another successful

we were 10-15 years ago will no longer interest

milestone. THE MARK OF SOLUTION—this is us.

In early 2000, he resigned and moved towards

this generation. Seeing this challenge, we formed

searching for his dream job and to advance his

our own Titanfour Learning Centre (T4LC)

career path. Shortly after, he joined an American-

which allows the team to continue learning new

based ERP company and became Group IT

technology and skills. We worked with local and

Manager. Those were enjoyable jobs but there was

foreign universities and colleges to encourage

something missing within the software vendor that

internship and post-graduate programmes. We

can do better to assist customers to accelerate

have our own training facilities and syllabus for

their business via innovative technology. With

effective teaching and to make sure learning is

courage and passion, and interest towards the

fun for everyone. With IoT and Industry 4.0 and

software, this brought us together again, thus the

other trends that rely on Internet and mobility to

birth of Titanfour.

perform and run businesses anytime anywhere,

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Alvin Koh & Wong CK Co-founders Titanfour Group of Companies


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