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Liang Pui Leng is Founder of GM Communication Sdn Bhd. GM started off in 2014 as a sole proprietorship selling smartphone spare parts and accessories, and repairing equipment. The company continuously strives to source new products of high quality and provide extremely competitive prices to satisfy a wide range of customers throughout Malaysia.


remember when we met and had a conversation

Moreover, she has a very strong will and she never

careers. But she chose to adhere to the principle

together for the first time, Pui Leng exuded a

gives up easily despite the many challenges that she

that with time, we will prove to others we can

very positive vibe. I felt that this person has great

has to face. It is because of this that she learns

do it. She also mentioned that if we work hard

ideals, foresight and had a very optimistic attitude.

about determination and she is the successful

a hundred times, we will be able to repay our

In addition, I kind of knew she would make a very

person she is today because of that.

customers. And we did it.

Not only that, she is always active and cheerful in

The things I’ve shared here are based on the years

She has many amazing qualities but the most

the midst of everything, and can calmly think and

of knowing and understanding her. I believe that all

admirable one has to be her courage. Regardless

deal with problems.

experiences, whether good or bad, will make Pui

good leader.

Leng a better person. Chase after your dreams and

of how difficult the situation can be, she perseveres through it all, strives even harder, adheres and abides

She is good at motivating; she encourages everyone

by her principles and eventually, she succeeds.

around her by getting to know what their dreams are and by cheering them on to achieve those

Pui Leng is one of those entrepreneurs who work


extremely hard to achieve what they set out to achieve. A process-oriented person, she is great at

Pui Leng showed that nothing can bring you down.

managing and prioritising what needs to be done

There was a time when we were deeply ruined

first; and that’s how she achieves her goals.

by our peers and we were at the bottom of our

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continue to achieve all your goals!

Vernice Cho

Sales and Marketing Director GM Communication Sdn Bhd

24/09/2018 12:20 PM

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100 MIYE 2018 Booklet