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Kenzi Chan is Founder and Director of Taras Properties, a real estate firm that practises the people-oriented business model to cultivate talents. The company will also implement a sharesharing model in the near future i.e. everyone in the company will feel that the company belongs to everyone. The company also practises 50% advanced commission to agents within a month. Not only that, it also has its own mobile apps, so their agents can get updated information and follow up on their claims status anytime.


y first impression of Kenzi Chan was

would be willing to work with his team from the

Before I end, I’d like to thank him. Kenzi, thanks for

that he was arrogant and people found

wee hours of the morning until late night? I know

not leaving anyone behind, thanks for always being

it difficult to approach him. We have

only one and he is Kenzi. Everyone in our team

there for us no matter what. I’m so lucky that I get

known each other since 2015 at DF Realty when

knew he had been very diligent since his agent

to meet such a great person in my life. He fights,

I was a new agent and he was the group manager.

days and he would never be absent from work,

learns and grows with us and he always leads by

As I introduced myself, he merely nodded and

even during the weekend or on a public holiday.

example. Taras Properties is an amazing platform

walked away. However, he came to me not long

He believes that all the hard work will pay off one

that Kenzi had created for us i.e. a place that I get

after and apologised as he was busy helping other

day and if you want to be somebody someday, all

to be a better me, a place that I found value, and

agents. He always had a serious look on his face,

you need to do is to be hardworking and keep

a place that I could achieve my dreams. Thank you

and that’s why I didn’t dare to be near him.

the faith.

Boss! We love you!

However, after getting to know him, I realised

I remember when I had a tough time achieving the

Kenzi possesses admirable leadership qualities and

top sales person. That was a period of time when

Katherine Thin

is looked up to by his peers. He spends most of

I felt inferior. I felt as if I was wandering through

his time with his team and he sees us as part of

life without purpose. We had a talk about this and

his family. Whenever anyone feels down or lost,

he encouraged me to find my passion for work

or have problems with clients, he never showed

again. After that, he had set a plan for me and he

disdain. Instead, he will listen first, try to understand

guided me every step of the way until I achieved

the problem and enlighten us after. He does not

the target. He never gave up on me even when I

only lead us in our work, he also takes interest in

had given up. He never stopped believing in me

our personal lives and issues.

when I wasn’t performing well or when I had an

Team Leader Taras Properties Sdn Bhd

unpleasant attitude. He said this to me, “Love what One of Kenzi’s success factors is being a hard

you choose, choose what you love and you will get

worker. Have you ever met a manager or boss who

what you want.”

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