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Kenneth Yap joined the mortgage industry in 2010. He was awarded Malaysia’s Top 10 Mortgage Sales Executive due to his outstanding achievement in United Overseas Bank (UOB) after joining a mere nine months. And in 2012, he had started his own mortgage outsource company and has now become First Mortgage Hotline Sdn Bhd today.


first met Kenneth Yap about eight years ago

Despite all those, he never gave up and strongly

believes that sharing his knowledge is important

when he was still working in United Overseas

believes that this service will eventually be

as well.

Bank (UOB) as a Mortgage Sales Executive and

recognised. He understands that starting a business

I was the panel lawyer for the bank. He is different

from the ground up is never going to be an easy

Not only that, he believes that by sharing what he

compared to others.

task. I really admire his patience and perseverance

knows, it can help as many people as possible to

to succeed in his industry.

make better decisions, especially when it comes

He answered that he liked to help people solve

to finance-related matters. Nowadays, there are

their financial problems by helping them get their

With his strong and positive mindset, he managed

many who claim to know what is the best way

first home or even become their wealth planner.

to bring his team much success. Not only the

to invest in properties, but Kenneth is a realist

He knows that he can make himself stronger if he

borrowers, many developers such as Mah Sing

and he provides information to people without

can help more people. He puts a lot of effort in

Group, Ireka and SYF Resources Berhad also

sugar-coating it. That’s one great quality that I truly

learning by attending many classes to enrich his

cooperated with his company in managing their

admire in him.

knowledge and explore new things.

client’s loan application and qualification processes

Soon in 2012, he had started his own mortgage

(swift loan processing) while his company provided

I am proud and honoured to have Kenneth as my

other integrated services.

business partner and friend. He definitely is a good

outsource company by grouping bankers to

mentor for his team.

provide mortgages, loans, and other financial

In recent years, he has been constantly invited to

products. There were many challenges and

many speaking events to educate the public on

difficulties plus the mortgage outsource service

the importance of property investment and how

was not recognised in the market at that time.

to prepare themselves for loan application. He

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