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Children would usually help their parents at the hawker stalls during school holidays. Kelvin Ong was one of those kids who helped out at the stall and that was how they spent time as a family. Today, Kelvin Ong owns Eng Noodles. Inspired by his parents, he decided to bring the unique and scrumptious local style noodles to the next generation. He started the business from the ground up with his passion, continued learning, and innovation to maintain the local food heritage.

elvin and I have known each other since

I know firsthand that it takes a lot of hard work

school days. From what I remember, he has

and dedication to keep a restaurant running in

always been filial and hardworking. He would

this hectic business climate. He has also found the

always be helping out at his father’s food stall in his

correct balance of price and quality and that keeps

free time.

his customers coming back.

He has always been proud of the family’s recipes

Although we are based in different countries now,

and everyone around him knows that it is his goal

we are both in the food business and that connects

to one day expand the business. I am happy for him

us often. He is reliable and dependable. Whenever

that he now has Eng’s Noodles Restaurant.

I encounter challenges with my business, despite his busy schedule, I can always count on him to share

Kelvin has a very confident and positive personality.

his experiences and to bounce off ideas.

People enjoy working with him or just being around him because it rubs off on them. He is also very

I am grateful and want to thank Kelvin for his

generous, loyal and watches out for his family, friends

support and encouragement when I started out

and co-workers and they are very loyal in turn.

my own restaurant. He is the better friend—always making an effort to keep in touch every now and

He has a lot of grit and is very determined to

then. He will always have my full support and best

succeed. Even when the going gets tough, and

wishes in whatever he wants to do.

when others give up, he will be persistent and pull through. When necessary, he is also willing to adapt and change so that it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

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Johnny Teh

Chef/Owner The French Ladle Restaurant, Singapore

24/09/2018 12:19 PM

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