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Kaelyn Tan has four years of experience in the e-commerce industry, leading a team of over 100 women in Malaysia and overseas. She is passionate about creating values in life and self-confidence in more women through her online business while generating more income to support their own lives.


y first encounter with Kaelyn was

She puts in a lot of effort into her e-commerce

at a dinner gathering in Malaysia for

business and is generous in sharing the know-how

participants of a training course held

of using e-commerce platforms with others. These

earlier in China. Her boyfriend, Spark Liang, himself

are among the factors leading to her current success.

a participant of the training course, brought Kaelyn to the dinner function and introduced her to me.

I have attended some training courses with Kaelyn and noticed her to be an attentive participant. I

At that time, she was already quite successful in her

think Kaelyn’s hunger for success is the element

enzyme products business, which she was selling

that drives her to learn more business insights.

through e-commerce platforms including WeChat. Other than being a young and pretty female

Kaelyn has this distinct ability to adapt and she is

entrepreneur, I find her to be energetic, cute and

flexible; two important traits that helped define her

smart through our first interaction.

as a successful entrepreneur. Constantly wanting to challenge herself to achieve better results, she

Knowing that she is social media savvy, I asked

would spend time knowing more, particularly

for her advice on using social media platforms to

about the market and product knowledge so that

market and promote my company’s services and

she is always in the know.

activities. She was very friendly and willing to share her knowledge and gave me some very good tips.

Kaelyn has an aura of beauty and charm which attracts people to follow her in business. I am

Kaelyn has even guided me on conducting

confident that with a higher level of focus on

live broadcast sessions on social media with a

the WeChat e-commerce platform and bigger

positive and energetic approach to promote and

goals, she will be able to expand her business

gain publicity for business purposes. She is the


spokesperson for her own products and one who is influential.

Datin Kuan Chu Ling Co-founder A PLUS BOSS

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