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Joel Neoh is the Founder of Fave, the leading loyalty and rewards platform in South East Asia that offers rewards across multiple categories including food and beverage, beauty and wellness, services, activities, leisure and travel. Their mission is to help offline and retail businesses across South East Asia success through customer acquisition and increase revenue through mobile commerce. For consumers, Fave is driven to provide everyday rewards at their favourite places.


remember the first time I met Joel, I was an

Pacific, running 12 countries with thousands of

intern at Groupon Malaysia and he was the CEO


and I thought to myself: “Wow! This is one very

intimidating guy.”

Not one to settle down, Joel then left his high-flying career at Groupon to become an entrepreneur

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I may

once again through KFit and now, Fave. It’s hard

have only been an intern, but he treated me like an

to start all over again but Joel makes it look easy

equal, listened to my sometimes-insane ideas and

(even though it really isn’t).

even mentored me. Despite being well-accomplished, Joel’s belief in Joel even trusted me enough to be the public voice

the importance of learning is no doubt one of

of the company through the company’s social

his biggest advantages. He firmly believes in hiring

media channels. Imagine an intern was essentially

people who are smarter than him whom he can

the social media lead for one of the world’s fastest

learn from. He’s also an avid reader and that is in

growing company at the time!

spite of his busy schedule.

That internship with Groupon Malaysia and the

Joel, you are not just my colleague, you are my

opportunity to work directly with Joel played a

mentor and my friend. Thank you for everything

huge part in shaping my views towards my own

that you have done for me and I look forward to


seeing your career go upwards and onwards.

I’ve now known Joel for eight years and he has

Wong Chee Mun

never failed to impress me with his constant hunger for learning and achieving more.

Head of Special Projects and Strategic Communications Fave

From being one of the youngest CEOs in Malaysia, I have personally witnessed Joel’s career rise to eventually becoming the Head of Groupon Asia

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