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he time when I first met Jayson, the first

The very special moment I have shared with

impression that struck me was how young

Jayson was when we travelled together during our

he was, which made me question his

company trip. It was also fully sponsored by him.

background. However, as we talked, he amazed me

Jayson embraces the concept of “work hard play

by his experience and knowledge. He could really

hard.” It is extremely rare to travel with your boss

explain well and answer every question to make

yet we can all still be like ourselves. His made us

sure you understood the whole concept. In short,

feel like we’re just a bunch of close friends having

the confidence and his experience convinced me

fun together. He is a totally different kind of person

to join his company and since then, I have never

as what I see at work. Despite all these, when it is

regretted my decision.

time to enjoy, he becomes a very playful person and treats us as his close friends.

The most admirable quality of his is undoubtedly

Jayson Chong is the Director of UPG Holding Sdn Bhd, a solutions provider in the property industry. UPG specialises in bank auction properties, property investment, property development and property management. The company is the number one auction and bulk purchase company in Klang Valley.

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his selfless dedication to us. From time to time, he

There are not enough words for me to express

will share his experience and techniques with all

my gratitude to him. But I want to say that I really

of us. Every time we face any difficulty, he will give

appreciate his guidance. Under his leadership, I have

us the best advice. He is a man that leads with his

become a better person and learnt how to guide

own good examples, which greatly benefits us. He

a team. For those who keep on judging, they do

gives us his utmost attention and he will definitely

not define us, it only shows that we are not going

try his best to attend to you and be ready to

the same direction. On the road to success, we will

answer your questions. On a lighter note, this is

meet more members with the same mindset and

also how he gained the nickname of “On Call 24/7

goals to be accomplished. To Jayson, all the best in

Boss” among us.

everything and let us keep moving forward.

Passion, dedication, proactiveness, risk management

Terry Yeoh

and right attitude are just a few reasons why Jayson can be a successful entrepreneur at a young age.

UPG Property Team Leader UPG Holding Sdn Bhd

No matter what he encounters, setbacks or challenges, he will treat them as the only way which must be passed in order to succeed.


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