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Jacky Lim is Director at Meiko, a leading brand name by Goldlife Marketing Sdn Bhd. Meiko specialises in healthcare and beauty products. Established in 2007, Meiko has various outlets nationwide. The company is currently expanding into the franchise business, education, training programmes and retail courses.


he right intention makes everything possible. This quote caught my ear and drew my attention to Jacky Lim

the founder and CEO of Meiko by Goldlife Marketing Sdn Bhd who delivered this message in a healthcare business sharing session. Jacky always possesses great enthusiasm to share and talk about his knowledge on healthcare and beauty as well as his vision on franchising a business. I have witnessed his charismatic personality that attracted others to connect easily with him and establish good contacts. Despite his busy schedule, he offers selfless help and empathy to those in need and I can feel his kindness and dedication to society. Jacky loves to learn. He practically applies his knowledge from what he has learnt and creatively builds long-term relationships with his franchisees and his team. By focusing on building a good and nurturing culture in his company and developing its people and growing together, he introduces

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change into the business to motivate franchisees to

bring him down and tell him that all these are

provide a consistent level of products and services

impossible. Eleven years of experience in retail and

to their customers. He will rank his customers as

now moving forward by expanding to franchising,

number one and the most important component

education, and training programmes have shown

of his company and he encourages his team to

the determination and passion of his. He believes

make their customers a priority.

that you need to get the right people, say the right words, reach a consensus and do the right things, as

Staying focused is one of Jacky’s strengths. He

these are the values that bring everyone together.

believes that in order to build a successful business, one must stay focused on their primary goal. He

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate

shares that a person must concentrate all his effort

Jacky on his well-deserved success. Jacky, I feel

to build, grow and do what his business is meant

blessed to know you. Besides being a person

to do. He is so obsessed with this work and his

who enjoys life and work and one who inspires

dream. “To be a successful entrepreneur you must

as a motivator and visionary, you also serve as an

always keep your dream alive,” I remember Jacky

inspiration and role model for me in the business

say that one must think about it, talk about it and

world. Thank you. May your future be filled with

work on it every single day.

many more victories to celebrate. Congratulations!

The journey of an entrepreneur is exciting and

Ciindeeyz Cheong Sing Yee

challenging, yet risky. Along the journey to achieving success, there are a lot of naysayers who try to

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