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Hendry Lee is the Founder of Affirm Plus Properties, a real estate company established in 2004 specialising in property marketing, investment and consultation. The company’s mission is to maximise benefits for customers, realise workmates’ dreams by providing a business platform while being responsible to society in terms of environment, protection and education. The foundation consists of valuable brands, professional business ethics, positive work attitude, innovation and work-life balance.


e met through a business gathering

There were several occasions where he could

and the first impression I had of him

have allowed me to spend unnecessary money

was someone who seemed stable,

for a road show which might have benefited him

honest and fun. We had a great time chatting and

but not for my project. But he always insisted I

drinking and he made the party a much more

shouldn’t do it and to go through a lengthy process

enjoyable experience.

of convincing me why I shouldn’t have spent the money for nothing.

I think the most admirable quality is his honesty. He is honest to everyone and will not try to cheat

This has made him an extremely valuable friend

people even though he stands to benefit more out

in the industry and his honesty is what we should

of a situation.

all aim to have. The fact that he did not squeeze me for an extra cent has made me trust him as an

Honesty is a rare commodity in today’s business

important person in the industry but also a good

industry. You always have to be wary with whom


you meet because their objectives might be different than yours. But with Hendry, he’s always

We are really good buddies and we share lots

honest about his intentions and it always makes

of good moments together during our drinking

people easy to be around him.

session. I believe Hendry already knows what I have wanted to tell him. But still, all the best and

His success factor is certainly his focus in what he is good at and his persistence in creating an honest and responsible agency. Furthermore, I think he is enjoying a good

see you soon!

Dato’ Seth Yap Chairman M101 Entity Sdn Bhd

reputation as a trustworthy person in the industry. This has allowed him to solidify his networking and make many friends in the process thus establishing his company and his work ethics in the industry.

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