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met Ginnz Chan many years ago when he became one of my employees in BAE International. This was probably about seven plus years ago and he

was in his early 20s. My first impression of him was not very distinct; he was one of those typical young guys who were fresh out of college, innocent and didn’t really have much ideas to share. But what I found interesting about him was his “I can do all” attitude. It may be old-fashioned but that characteristic of his really stood out. Back when we were working together, we had many roadshows across Malaysia—Penang, Johor, Kota Kinabalu, even Miri—to showcase what we had to offer. For someone his age, I assumed that people of his generation were very protective of their work/life balance i.e. he might not be open to working long and odd hours. However, I was impressed because he was determined, willing to learn and adaptive. Thus, he was able to learn many practical skills and meet many different people that helped polish his EQ too. I’ve always believed that people will go a long way in life with traits like those because others will adore you for having such a drive in life. One of the more memorable work experiences I had of him was when he went above and beyond his job scope and that made my life so much easier. I had to pitch ideas to clients that used scientific devices, he volunteered to learn and because of that, I didn’t have to engage a technical person to

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manage the job. He would never say no to me and

successful, you may not have all the money in the

he will handle anything even if without experience

world but you have enough for what you need. It’s

simply because he believes he could do it. He

time to focus on serving others without condition,

would also dedicate most of his time to work,

to be kind to others or to provide a gesture of

sometimes even neglecting his then-girlfriend. I felt

kindness to somebody you don’t know. By doing

bad because I hoped they would spend more time

this, you’ll gain satisfaction in life. It’s beyond just

together, so I brought them out for dinner to get

serving your loved ones. There are many choices

to know him and his girlfriend a little better and to

in life, like investing in stocks or property but

assure her that he was doing a good job.

those only give fulfilment to yourself. Serve others unconditionally; even with no money, you can smile

Now that he’s married, he has different priorities

to make someone’s day. Do little meaningful things

i.e. a burning desire to be a better provider for

everyday and it will accumulate and snowball to

the family, to take care of his parents’ health and

something amazing in the future.

to manage his children’s education. But he is still pretty much the same guy I met many years ago. To Ginnz, I only want to tell you what I told myself

KC Lim

Director Kwong Hing Group

all the time: Find your inner happiness. I may be 54 but I live like a 28-year-old. As you become more

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