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Geoffrey Yeow is the Managing Director of Leo Myer Sdn Bhd, a property development and outdoor advertising company. Founded in 1995, the company now houses its office in Bangsaria, a seven-storey commercial building. To diversify the business, Leo Myer built two advertising billboards on the façade of the Bangsaria building. The LED advertising billboard facing traffic from Midvalley is the largest in Bangsar.

Geoffrey, a person who is able to both enrich and be enriched by conversations that can go from light to philosophical and then back again. Geoffrey’s success factor can be attributed to his sincerity. Venturing into a new business is always a gamble, but it’s a gamble easier taken if built with trust. Negotiating with Geoffrey, one can feel assured that there is no motive other than to achieve a win for both parties. You can speak frankly with Geoffrey to find common ground that leads to closed deals and all-round smiles. Back when I didn’t know him very well, I had said to him that I was trying to improve my life through


a self-imposed digital curfew an hour before bed. When I saw Geoffrey a week later, I was surprised met Geoffrey at Bangsaria on a hot day and the

that he told me that he had been inspired by me

first thing I noticed was his hat. While I would

to fully give up video gaming. In turn, I was inspired

come to learn that it’s part of the essential Geoff-

by him to do the same and we became recovering

look, at the time I figured it was just a measure

video game addicts. I think this is testament to

against the day’s weather. As we exchanged lines,

Geoffrey’s character of showing genuine interest in

I quickly formed the impression that this was a

others and attitude to improve.

guy I could get along with; someone who shares a similar background and stages in life. I was in a rush,

I am thankful that for whatever reason our paths

so our first encounter did not last longer than an

have crossed. To Geoffrey: I haven’t known you for

hour. When I left, I felt as though I had just caught

long, but for some reason it doesn’t feel that way.

up with an old friend rather than it being my first

It’s good to speak to someone whom I can have


both dumb and thoughtful conversations with, yet feel that there’s no reason for me to feel self-

Geoffrey’s most admirable quality is his sincerity. It’s a quality that shows itself in his genuine interest to hear and learn from others. Add this positive attitude with a critical intellect, and you have

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conscious of how I should portray myself.

Warren Chan

Chief Executive Officer ParkEasy

24/09/2018 12:18 PM

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