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Eldrick Koh is the Founder of GenYouth, an organisation aimed to empower the youth by cultivating and engraving entrepreneurship traits within them by establishing closer connections between businesses and industry players with the youth and vice versa. The Connected Campus Tour is the first ever nationwide campus tour to be organised and it offers a variety of activities that includes accelerator, incubation and mentoring programmes, inspirational talks and HR forum, company visitations, exhibitions and fairs, workshops and training.


ldrick is a leader who walks the talk. He

the society than to actively play a principal role

responsibilities especially in the areas regarding

strongly believes that a successful team

in building up the nation’s future leaders and to

human rights, labour rights and environmental

can only be created through tireless effort

constantly be an effective bridge in helping the

consciousness are upheld and ensured to the

of grinding together on-field. He is a motivated

younger generations to transition into successful

utmost capabilities of the establishments.

leader who is nurturing, inspiring, capable and


always helping others to grow in the best way. He

Eldrick has a knack in foreseeing the problems in

He is one who leads and teaches both theoretically

is known for his inclination to help, inspire, and

the market which in turn allows him to devise a

and practically to ensure his team is able to grasp

motivate anyone who desires to do so without

multitude of solutions and strategies that boost

the full extent of his industrial teachings and apply

expecting any reward in return. He established his

company morale and the continuous creation

it effectively. Not only that, his interest is to help

businesses in the hopes that many will benefit from

of creative insights that could turn any market

shape and improve the community to be on par

the programmes provided and is someone who

problem into sustainable business opportunities

with the major changes the industry goes through.

is greatly passionate in striving to ensure that his

that greatly benefits the establishment. Another

His curiosity and drive to explore and improve

experience and principles will be an inspiration for

defining quality of Eldrick is his tenacity and wisdom

is the best trait which led to his early success.

others yearning to succeed to achieve their goals.

in dealing and managing the consumer pool in

He never stops believing in improvement and

which he is able to work out early on the defining

is never afraid to venture into areas in which he

He created a unique organisation structure which

needs and demands of the market and eventually

is unfamiliar with. To him, every new challenge is

provides an avenue to all aspiring entrepreneurs to

churn out effective strategies to cope with the

seen as an opportunity for growth and personal

have a platform to rise up in life. He believes that

continuous strain of meeting market expectations.


lacking in strategic partnerships and efforts given

Eldrick had one belief: “Don’t always think about

to help the younger generation to kickstart their

taking before giving; Don’t always think about

Gillian Ooi

visions. All his establishments are built on the idea

giving because of receiving.” He believes in sharing

of having young aspiring partners to be a part

knowledge freely without boundaries. Besides,

of the core teams. What better way to improve

he strongly supports the direction of corporate

Malaysia is highly entrepreneurial but is severely

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Director GenYouth Sdn Bhd

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