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Desmond Tan has been in the insurance industry since 2001. He is currently the Chief Director of Allianz Life Changer Platform (ALCP). In January 2018, Desmond started a new business model i.e. ALCP to assist all platform members to achieve maximum results. ALCP currently has 350 members and has achieved RM20 million business turnover within eight months.

I began to learn about Desmond so much more. I noticed that Desmond has a strong passion for the life insurance industry and this is evident in how he carries himself. Not only that, he is very hardworking and persistent in his work. As the insurance industry requires a lot of interaction with customers, he is very patient when providing services to them. You’ll never see him fret over the meetings he had with his customers. He genuinely seeks the best solutions because he wants to help them.Thus, that is how he has stayed in the industry for such a long time.


Other than creating value for customers, Desmond also needs to manage his team in ALCP. It is not ime certainly passes very quickly. In just

easy to handle and manage a team as each team

a blink of an eye, it has already been six

member has different abilities and characters.

full years since Desmond and I first met.

I could vividly remember that it was during a

Nevertheless, Desmond has managed his team

dinner function when we crossed paths and the

well by banking on his positive thinking and strong

first impression I had of Desmond was someone

organisational skills. He guides them by sharing his

who exudes so much positive energy. You could

experience in the industry.

tell from his body language and the way he spoke, Desmond was always energetic and motivated.

Desmond is also very aware of the nuances of his team’s characters. I always believed he has a very

First impressions may be wrong but not when it

high EQ to be able to manage a team to work and

comes to Desmond. As I got to know him better,

achieve success together.

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