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Enoch founded Propertyhub (Sabah) Sdn Bhd, an award winning real estate agency bridging Peninsular Malaysia-based developers and East Malaysia. He has brought over RM200 million worth of investments.Enoch is a prolific speaker& he writes. Enoch was named Top 20 Property Negotiators by PropertyGuru in 2013 and author of Cock & Bull of the Real Estate Industry.

Enoch’s ability to understand the “bigger picture” in business. There were a few occasions where I have to confide in him

with strict confidence on certain issues of the business that we are facing. Being true to himself, Enoch’s listen attentively


and showed great understanding, and brainstormed solutions. have heard of Enoch quite a fair bit prior to

certainly played a great part for us to be close

Despite being decisive and focus, he tries his best to see

meeting him, but having said that, I have to admit

to each other as friends. I have also credit Enoch

other’s point of view and willing to embrace it. That is

that Enoch does create an impression especially

for his strong sense of urgency to succeed, having

something I appreciate very much.

carrying his own unique way of fashion sense.

such a desire and being dedicated to live it up is

He certainly brings along an outward colourful

certainly admirable.

appearance and upon encountering with him, he

I look forward to your greater success to come. Thank you for the journey of friendship and business partnership. I thank

also does carry the decisive and attentive part of

There is a combination of great qualities that

him to ensure what needs to be established on the

Enoch’s pursues diligently and played a big part

first meet up meets its objective. On that note, I

to his success. There are focus, decisiveness and

A great man of faith, keep it up bro! May God’s blessings

have to give a big thumbs up to Enoch.

values. Enoch knows what he wants to achieve and

showers upon you and your family always. As you have put

is mindful of the timeline he sets for himself. That

your trust in God, I believe He will establish your steps to

Enoch does lives up to the first impression that I

allows him to endure the challenges that come

come and greater success awaits you. God Bless.

had of him. We certainly have gone through our

along with it and seeing through to the cause

fair share of challenges in our business pursuits

he embarked on. He is decisive and is bold in

together but the best part out of it is we manage

decision-making. His willingness in embracing and

to remain objective and stay through to the

facing change is admirable. Great value chain in him

course. We stick to the business’ master plan and

through hard work and living out a great family and

don’t take things personally. That quality of him

Godly values.

96 /


God for that.

Heartiest Congratulations to you on all your success bro.

/ Christopher Lim CEO Triterra Sdn Bhd

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet