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The Image Creator is Malaysia’s upcoming leading training provider of image and skills consulting services, specializing in helping clients develop a strong first impression and brand identity, through image, behaviour, communication, etiquette and protocol skills. To date, we have trained over 60,000 individuals in corporations from the lowest level to the highest, large and small.


y first impression of Wendy is that she has the warmest smile ever. Her poise that is so subtle and non-threatening

allows me to reach out to her with ease. Knowing her over the years, through her conduct, I have witnessed how her warm personality has enable many people from different walk of life reach out to her without feeling distance. That reminds me, when I met her for the first time, our bond was instant. Looking back, I know deeply is not because who I am, but her inner charisma that opens my heart to her and allows me to share my thoughts with her without burden. Wendy is the living testimony of the mirror reflection of her conduct and what she preaches and teaches to the people around her. If there is a living human brand, Wendy would be the real live human walking brand. One of the qualities that inspire me a lot is her believe in looking good is

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not just what we can see from our naked eyes.

entrepreneur, the journey is not always smooth

But what beneath us that is matter that define us

sailing. However, her key business decision she

who we are. What inside her other than her great

will always choose friendship/ relationship over

personalities that is so down-to-earth and humble,

business. For me what is priceless is that, the

but the knowledge that she acquired over the year

hardship that we faced in building our dreams and

that make her the subject matter expert of image

goals has made us closer.

consultancy. “Dear buddy, we have been friend for many years The success factor of Wendy is definitely her

now. I remember clearly when we met how quickly

winning attitude within her. For things she wants

we become close. For all these years we have

to achieve in life, she will never compromise the

gone through all the thick and thins, thank you

effort to achieve her goals. As a personal friend

for being with me the whole time. You are well

of Wendy, I have learned greatly from her that if

deserved with all your success you have achieved

we want to achieve something, make sure that

today, I am so proud of you just being your friend.

our heart desire is greater than the challenges that

I am so blessed to know you and thank you for

come along the way. Through my working years

being my inspiration, my motivation. And YES, you

with her, I have seen how her life experience has

rock the industry!”

shaped and motivated the lives of many people; that if we believe not our circumstances that define who we are, but is the action we take to achieve what we want in our life, we can become anyone we want to become. My special moment with Wendy is during the hardship that we have gone through while building our career together. Being in the shoe of an


/ Angelin Boo

Principal Trainer Leadworkz Services Training PLT

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet