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to success in both life and business. Dr. Edmond always believe in acquiring new knowledge is to having the power to share and empower. I do benefit a lot from him. There are many ways to describe the success factors of Dr. Edmond. What I think the most suitable sentence to describe this great man is “sincerity in his action”. He always goes all out with his heart to ensure a win-win situation in any business dealings. For example, we were trying to contact one particular supplier who was labelled as a difficult and will never entertain new comer. But we won the deal and the counterpart told me “You have a great boss! He is way too sincere!” The most special moment we shared was when he invited me to be Everro’s Chief Strategist Officer over a coffee talk! We had been talking about doing business together for many years and it never happen. I wanted us to stay close friends as the saying goes, “never be in business with a friend if you want to stay friends.” We were suppose to catch up after such a long time and it turned out to be best tea break in my life! I would like to tell Dr. Edmond that I love him dearly as a brother. Although he is younger in age, but I am always amaze with his creativity, aggressiveness and also honesty in business dealings. Dr. Edmond has been there for me throughout the peak and valley. He raise me up when I needed motivation the most and never stop believing in me. I have become such a better person as a friend and also in business matter. He has made me proud as his best friend!

/ Annie Hoong Chief Strategist Officer Everro Management Sdn Bhd

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet