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Derek Soh is the Founder and Executive Director of Polygon Properties Sdn. Bhd., which actively involving in both primary & secondary market of real estate, working closely with most of the renowned developers in the industry. Derek Soh is a diversified portfolio of businesses from lighting, F&B, asset management to interior design and renovation.

workshops as well as monthly training, in order

the first numbers of units before everyone.

to groom and grow his group of agents and

Despite his busy schedule, he never miss to drop

negotiators by building their fundamental based

by the gallery everyday to provide support and

on professional knowledge. He is someone that

consult his people. At the end the result was great

willing to share his experience and knowledge to

and that’s how we built a very strong business

his people, unconditionally.

relationship together since then.

a young but enthusiastic guy with a

To make him successful, Derek has been working

What I want to express to him is that I wish one

clear vision toward his profession.

really hard and I believe there many things in life

day he can be the one who inspires millions and

As a humble person that bring him a characteristic

he has scarificed too. Road to success was never

be able to replicate his success by helping and

of affinity, he is able to easily build relationship and

an easy path for him. However, his persistency and

supporting others, eventually. That is not a dream,

earn trust from anyone. As a associate in business,

never-giving-up mentally, has helped him overcome

but that is the end goal that he is already sailing

I know that I can always rely on his professionalism

different challenges and difficulties along his

towards. Stay strong in your beliefs, and keep going.

and he persistency without doubt. After 4 years

journey. He is someone that can work 7 days a

Like Derek himself always said: see you at the top!

of knowing each other, I have proved that my faith

week and more than 18 hours a day repeatedly,

and expectation toward this young guy was right.

without feeling tired. A strong mindset of him has


hen I first met Derek Soh, he was

really fueled him to keep going for the extra miles Derek’s most admirable qualities are his charisma

and realizing his vision and goals.

toward every person he speaks to, and the level of passion and commitment he has toward work.

I still remember when we started working together

These qualities have made him a very successful

in marketing one of our development in KL. He was

and respectable leader. He always insist everyone

the one who took take the lead and determined

to actively participate in company weekly

that the target we had set is achievable by selling

86 /


/ Dato' Sri Tan Aik Chong Executive Chairman Aikbee Group of Companies

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