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Danial MA has established VRDT Group in 2014 via its parent & subsidiary entities, which manages capital investments internationally. He is experienced in media & production, finance, online distribution network, technology, online trading platforms, and marketplaces. Today at the age of 30, he is the Founder, president, and CEO of California, US-based VRDT Holdings is the brainchild of online marketplaces established by Danial and launching in January 2018.


y first impression of Danial is he is an

Ultimately, Danial possesses all the qualities that

far he has come now. We used to share and discuss

ambitious young man who is set for

makes him as a good leader, which I believe is

about a lot of new ideas and concepts. The phrase

success in the business world. His

one of his success factors. His natural intuitive in

“action speaks louder than words” is a reflection

personality and the way he resonates enthusiasm

making business decisions, obtained through the

of Danial’s attitude and his perspective on work. I

in every single thing he does make me excited to

many challenges he had faced in the past, also

think optimism best describes his character. Danial

work with him. Danial was determined to achieve

contributed significantly to his success. And of

is an enthusiastic person that channels positivity and

every single one of his goals with determination

course, sacrifice. Danial has had countless sleepless

passion into every single task he does, every single

and brilliant planning. I would say that once he set

nights, hours of driving throughout the peninsula


his eyes on the prize, he would work smart and

Malaysia to expand and develop his business. The

hard to achieve it.

called for some tough decisions and put 100% of

I am very proud and feel privileged working with

his time, energy, and money into achieving his goals.

Danial; a journey that have tested myself in so

His leadership skills has led VRDT to the top

Besides that, I also think that speed is the main

many ways as well. I have learnt a lot from him, a

coupled with a strong passion and above all

factor of his success.

fresh breath of air in the current Malaysian financial

championing teamwork in every aspect of his

industry. I am confident that he will be a future global

organization. He guides and motivates his team in

He was swift in executing business decisions and

corporate figure and the upcoming generation will

the right direction. He also ensures that his team

was consistent in following up potential projects.

look up to him as their role model. I look forward to

performs well by giving them the necessary training.

With this determination and perseverance, he will

his other upcoming projects and anticipate eagerly

He also has a clear vision and mission in his life and

go further and achieve greater success in life. When

on what his other future accomplishments may be.

is very determined to achieve it. More importantly,

he first started to share his idea of building his

Danial is also someone that puts people’s needs

own company. I saw how excited and Determined

before him. He ensures that people around him

he was to succeed. Looking back now, I am truly

are well-taken care of.

fortunate to witness that initial Stage and see how

82 /


/ Sugumaran Ramachandran Business Director Notion Universe Sdn Bhd

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet