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Charles Thung is the founder and managing director of SSI Properties Sdn Bhd. He is a knowledgeable investor in real estate industry, as well as a successful entrepreneur. In 2014, he established SSI Properties which is a brand-new framework combined as an agency and a developer. He believes that, SSI will create a revolution to the real estate industry.


hen I met Charles Thung, my first

could contribute unique insights in any situations.

and ability to execute his plans always. Even in the

impression of him was that he

Incidentally, he is also pragmatic and has a no-

face of adversities and great hardship, Charles has

was an ambitious, dynamic and

nonsense attitude when it comes to problem

proven to be extremely resilient and steadfast.

enterprising individual. In many instances, I noticed

solving. Although I knew then Charles was a

that he was very driven in all his undertakings.

brilliant entrepreneur, I was only able to gauge his

Charles, it has been an honour to have you as

From our many meetings together, I found Charles

ability and character through constant interactions

a mentor and a friend. I realised that both our

to be friendly, admirable and stable.

at our meetings.

characters and attitudes are very similar and very

Being professionals in the property line, I have

Charles could support, coordinate and lead others

each other if we ever get the opportunity to work

learnt a lot from Charles. Our fields are related

when the situation demands it. When one of our

together. Hopefully we can be business partners in

but not similar yet I truly enjoy a lot of insightful

members was facing problems, he acted fast and

the future and I look forward to collaborating with

conversations with Charles. We have been friends

was very supportive. He treats everyone equally

you on impending and exciting projects, which I

for many years and found him to be a visionary

and listens to opinions and this in turn, motivates

am sure will lead to greater achievements together.

and purpose-driven, of which I think are his most

everyone to perform their best.

compatible with each other. We will complement

admirable qualities. Despite being successful, he is still very humble Amazingly, he possesses a great sense of clarity

and down to earth person. One of the attributes

and compared to what people normally see; he

that leads to his success is his great determination

76 /


/ Joshua Ng Min Kait Founder & Executive Director Grace Covenant Community Care

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