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Winnie K is a popular Singer who was awarded with the title “Vocalist Extraordinaire of The Year 2017” at the McMillan Woods Global Awards and “Malaysia Most Impactful Award 2017” in Asia’s Most Impactful Awards. Recently, she was named “Outstanding Performer 2017” in CHINA ASEAN’s Top Business Awards that was held in Guang Zhou, China. Winnie K has released five solo albums and 10 compilations album and is the first Chinese singer who released a Malay language album in Indonesia.


her success is her determination to succeed. She practises very hard before any performance. Winnie has been singing for almost two decades and has won so many recognitions and awards. She is also very well-known in the industry and is always invited to events locally and abroad. We have shared a lot of special moments together. Winnie often confides in me in terms of advice or views as well as about her family and personal

first met Winnie after returning home from China two years ago. Before this, I was based in China for ten years after my stint as a Stewardess

with Singapore Airlines. I met Winnie who is also my neighbour at G Tower in Kuala Lumpur. Winnie has been a very friendly and easy-going friend to me. People draw close to her because of her helpful and caring nature. She is very passionate about her singing career. She started singing at the tender age of three. She turned her hobby into a successful career as a Singer now with thousands of fans and followers. To me, Winnie is a very talented person as she is able to sing in a few dialects including Mandarin, Hokkien, Bahasa Malaysia, Indonesian and more. Despite this, she is still a very down-to-earth and humble person to me.

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encounters. At times, I invite her to my house to spend leisure time together with my family. I understand her position as a singer which is not an easy feat as she practises often for her performances and spends lots of time away from her family and friends. On a personal level, she makes a very good confidant. It was a great pleasure to have an opportunity to know her - up close and personal. I always tell her that all her efforts and diligence will surely pay off in the end because of her passion and her sincerity. I would like to wish her even more success in her life and career but most importantly, to start building a home and family life for herself.

/ Tung Mei Chin Ex-Miss Malaysia Universe 2001

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