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Rozita Abu Bakar or better known as Rozita Che Wan and Che Ta was born on March 9, 1973 and is a famous Malaysian Actress, Host and Entrepreneur. She is well-known for the comedy series Kiah Pekasam which managed to place her as one of the most popular female comedy actresses. Despite being famous for comedic characters being nominated several times at Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian, she was also nominated for the title of Best TV Actress Anugerah Skrin 2011 and Best TV Supporting Actress Anugerah Skrin 2008 for her serious acting in the drama Masih Ada Harapan and Wasiat Fitrah.

Che Ta is really smart and intelligent in handling


beauty and perfume empire called RCW and is he first time I met her was in Malacca. She had just finished her Teleraya Movie shoot with ASTRO and my first impression

of her was she’s a beauty with brains. She’s the real definition of woman power. Not only does she talk with confidence, is knowledgeable and experienced in business - Che Ta is also an avid Investor who also owns a few businesses. She is particular in everything including what she wears and always aims to look good in front of the camera. Attaining a sense of excellence is evident in her family life as she is the lovely mother and powerful businesswoman combined. She can take care of her family while being an ambassador to her businesses – giving talks and attending events. She is also an open minded mother and her sons and daughter really adore her.

several businesses from the way she talks to clients, VIPs and Ministers will blow your mind. It is rare to see a woman who is so beautiful but at the same time has a broad knowledge about business and investments. She is confident in the way she carries herself which is also evident in her dressing which makes everyone who meets her being fascinated by her and because of that quality, she now owns a building and has a lot of products which successful in the market to her name. She owns her own clear about what she wants in life in terms of her vision and mission. Che Ta is committed and focused in getting what she wants in life. We have had a lot fun together and I cannot single out one particular instance – but many in which we always have so much to laugh about when we meet. She is a funny, charming and beautiful person, and everyone loves being around her. I hope everything goes well for you, your family and businesses. Keep on achieving great things and do not be defeated by challenges in life. The sky’s the limit! Thank you for being a good friend all this while, through thick and thin.

/ Afeeq Abd Wahab CEO Laugh Out Loud Entertainment Sdn Bhd

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